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by Michael Smith
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goddexx daphne

HI pets! I’m Goddexx Daphne, the sensual and sadistic Goddess of your dreams. Playfully cruel. Deceptively sweet. I’ll smile while you suffer.

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Goddexx Daphne

Interview with Goddexx Daphne JOI

slaveboysmith: She is beautiful, dominant and playfully cruel. She also loves when her boys call her “Daddy”. Welcome to DommeAddiction Goddexx Daphne, and thank you for the privilege of kneeling before you today for this feature interview.

Goddexx Daphne: I’m glad to be here, and am looking forward to talking with you.

sbs: I’ve been excited for this interview since first making contact with you Goddexx Daphne! Let me begin by asking you a little about your backstory, what led you to become a Femdom Goddess, and when you first realized the power you hold over others?

GD: Like so many of us powerful Dommes, My desire to lead and dominate began when I was young. I’ve always been a leader and I’ve always enjoyed telling people what to do. I realized early on that people wanted to follow My commands. This pleased Me. In terms of kink, power play is an intrinsic part of My sexuality. I have such a natural need to explore the taboo and I just love hurting people hehe. I got involved in My local BDSM scene as soon as I turned 18.

sbs: Are you both a real time session and online Domme (COVID restrictions aside I should add), and do you have both male and female submissives who worship you?

GD: That’s correct. I love both in-person and online Domination. There are advantages to both. The reach I’m able to have online is wonderful – slaves from all across the world are able to find Me and serve Me. However, there is little that compares to the power I hold when I have a sub on their knees in front of Me. Yes. I have submissives of all genders. I’m a Queer Femme, and exploring gender within Myself and others is a favorite of Mine.

sbs: Can you describe how it feels in that moment, a slave before you, trembling in anticipation as you approach. That must be a heady feeling to have them completely vulnerable and submissive to you. How does it feel for you to have that kind of control and power?

GD: The feeling of a submissive kneeling before Me is incredibly erotic. It’s hot as fuck. I love seeing My power break slaves down to the point of trembling obedience. I feel so present and in My body during sessions, especially when there is good chemistry between Myself and My sub. Making slaves tremble is so natural and enjoyable for Me. And that’s just the start of the session!

sbs: I’m sure the feeling is overwhelming for them as well. Are there particular fetishes you enjoy exploring most, and any that are off limits?

GD: I am quite the sensual sadist. On FetLife, there is a fetish called “talking in a sweet voice while you’re doing something really mean,” which summarizes My natural domination style quite well. I love hurting people, physically and mentally, while being sweet and playful at the same time. It’s such a mindfuck for My subs. In-person, I love everything from silly pet play to heavy impact play, teasing to needle play, chastity to brutal ball busting. Online, I enjoy coerced bi, CEI, interactive tasks, and intox sessions, and much more! My kinky mind is always overflowing with different ways to play with My pets.

sbs: That sensual cruelty is an intoxicating mix and must lead your slaves to want to take more suffering because they want to please you. If you could have anyone you wanted on their knees before you, vulnerable and willing to do whatever you command of them, who would you choose, and why?

GD: It certainly does. If we’re talking celebrities, I’ve always had a crush on Rooney Mara, so either her or Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo. I think they’re both hot as hell and would look so good obeying My every wish. Otherwise, I always want a sub who is devoted, endlessly eager to please, rich and fun. A high pain tolerance is a plus.

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sbs: Perhaps having them both kneeling before you, one worshiping at each foot would please you? And after all, Daddy deserves everything She desires.

GD: Ooo, now you’re talking. Think you could be a good slave and arrange that for Me?

sbs: If I could you know I would Goddexx. Hopefully they both read our features at DommeAddiction lol. For those slaves who are not able to see you real time, particularly in the current situation we find ourselves in, what type of online/distance training opportunities might they explore with you?

GD: I hope so! There are many opportunities to play with Me online. I have over 100 FemDom clips on IWC, many of which are interactive and involve communicating with Me. You may approach Me via AVNStars or SextPanther with a $50 tribute if you want to begin serving Me. I’m starting to work on new platforms all the time as I continue to build My online empire, so follow Me on Twitter to stay updated!

sbs: Of the clips you’ve produced, is there one you would point to and demand that all reading this buy to begin their immersion into your world and to get a sense of your style as a Domme?

GD: Mmm, good question! I’ll give two recommendations. “Interactive CEI Blckmail Task” and “Go GAYER with Grindr (Sensual Coerced Bi)”. Go buy them both, slaves!

sbs: CEI, blackmail and coerced bi…now that is quite the combination. Is it the humiliation, boundary pushing, or something else that is the appeal of coerced bi and cumeating for you as a Domme?

GD: Yes, yes and more! I certainly love the boundary pushing and potentially humiliating aspect. I like cum eating because so many subs are squeamish about it, and when they put their discomfort aside and prioritize My pleasure and demands, I see their submission shine through. Sooo many subs approach Me with secret gay desires, and I enjoy all the aspects surrounding coerced bi – encouraging a more gay world tickles My Queer heart! Plus, I seem to have a knack for coaxing out the gayness in My subs, and I revel in My natural talents.

sbs: Something tells me an encounter with you would be something no man would ever forget. For those reading this feature, falling deeply under your spell as I have, what advice would you give them as they make their approach to ensure they make the best possible first impression on you?

GD: Unforgettable barely sums Me up. I would advise eager subs to approach with good communication and the biggest, juiciest tribute they can muster. As a sub, you have one chance to make a good first impression. I notice those who go above and beyond.

sbs: Thank you so much for the privilege of this interview Goddexx. I do hope this slaveboy has made a good first impression on you. With your permission, may I please ask one final question before crawling away and getting to work on your feature?

GD: You’re welcome, and yes, speaking with you has been a pleasure. You may!

sbs: I’m very glad Goddexx. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you as I asked my questions, how might such an interview conclude?

GD: I would take your chin in My hand, look straight into your eyes, and with a devious grin on My face, whisper “bye pet, go be good for Daddy!”

goddexx daphne clips
goddexx daphne joi
goddexx daphne joi


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Goddexx Daphne
goddexx daphne joi
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