Daily Fix: March 26th 2024 – Featured PVC Vinyl Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Ashley

You must work HARDER for Princess Ashley pay piggy. You must sacrifice even FURTHER for your Princess Ashley. Get ready to follow Her instructions.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Princess Ashley.

Miss Feet Wonders

I love the new heels you got me.. Heels turn you on so much, especially when I match them with my PVC leggings. I tease you and give a JOI. focussed on heels. 

Download this clip on the video store of Miss Feet Wonders.

Princess Mindy

The sound of My shiny Dominatrix outfit is so pleasurable to you and with my mesmerizing mind control layer… you drool while being reprogrammed!

Buy this exciting clip on the video store of Princess Mindy.

Miss Tiffany James

This clip is ALL about my Rolex, and the power is possesses over you, when I am wearing it. Today it is going to demand you to cum for me. It wants you to stroke for her, of course my wrist watch is female, it is superior. You are a weak loser and she will confirm that! You know the story of how I got this watch, don’t you? From some weak loser, just like you…

Increase your addiction to Miss Tiffany James by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Princess Arielle

You no longer need regular porn, why would you when you have Princess? You no longer want to stroke to naked girls, especially without My permission. Submissive girls? No, that isn’t what you’re into. Why would you need ANY of that when you can just worship your Goddess. Get down on your hands & knees to serve real perfection. You’ll give it all up to worship your Goddess, no more regular porn.. just Princess porn. Princess is all you can think about, you only want to stroke to Princess, you’re begging to deny your cock a little longer for Princess. PRINCESS, PRINCESS, PRINCESS, PRINCESS! I’ve hijacked your mind & it feels so fucking good! Princess porn is the ONLY porn that can really turn you on from now on, I’ve trained your cock & mind to be completely subservient to ME.

Know more by buying this clip on the video store of Princess Arielle.

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