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by Michael Smith
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princess ashley femdom

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Spoiled Princess Ashley says…now obey!

Princess Ashley

Another Lonely Loser Holiday Season

Interview with princess Ashley femdom

slaveboysmith: It’s better to give than receive, particularly when it means giving to you, Princess. What are your expectations of all your devoted boys this holiday season and how can they show you how much you mean to them?

Princess Ashley: As I spell out in my holiday clips – I expect ALL of My slaves to shower Me in cash and gifts. I expect them to also return any gifts they receive and send Me the cash or gift cards from their returns. If they receive any gifts I might like such as electronics and gift cards, they should be mailing those straight to My PO Box. Everything should be handed over. My slaves are selfless and know that it’s MUCH better to give to Me than to receive!

Hot Girls Never Pay

sbs: It’s not hard to imagine you never paying for anything you didn’t want to. When did you begin to assert your power and have men financially worship and serve you? And how has financially draining men contributed to your life you live now?

PA: I started to assert My power and dominance over men financially when I was very young. My boyfriend in high school was older and had a job so I would make him spend his paychecks taking Me out to expensive dinners and buying Me designer clothes and jewelry. I knew that all I had to do was tease him and turn him on (which is effortless for a girl like Me!) and I could get whatever I wanted.

I remember one time specifically where I had My online shopping cart filled up and ready to checkout with his credit card. He said “Do you really need MORE clothes?” Then 2 minutes of Me showing off My hot body and talking about how good those outfits would look on Me later, he agreed to buy it all! And that was only the beginning. I’ve always been attracted to men who love to spoil and they’ve always LOVED what a bratty little Princess I am! I’m not afraid to demand what I desire.

Sensual Princess Ashley JOI For Good Boys

sbs: Those who know you well as a Domme know your bratty and demanding side. Will this clip come as a surprise for them, or perhaps will it make them crave your brattiness even more after watching? Either way, their stroking and paying and obeying your every command.

PA: I always get tons of requests for sensual domination clips so when I do release them I’m sure it’s a very pleasant surprise for many! Usually I prefer to be more bratty and mean, but sometimes I really enjoy being sensual. I definitely have to be in the right mood to film sensual domination clips and although I don’t have many in My clip library, the ones I do are ALWAYS top sellers! And My subs who love bratty clips should not shy away either because I can still be quite sassy, even in My sensual clips. They are great for everyone!

Financial Enlightenment For Betas

sbs: How can you tell when a slave passes through from the initial phase of paying to serve you because they want your attention to paying becoming their fetish? Are you able to know when they begin to crave to pay because that is now what excites and arouses them? And how does that moment feel for you as a Domme?

PA: I can always tell when a sub has reached financial enlightenment when they stop resisting. They just answer “Yes, Princess.” And they promptly pay whatever I have demanded from them. For some subs, this takes years. For others, it can happen very quickly. It’s all about self awareness and acceptance. I find many sissies are able to reach this state faster than the average slave. They have less male ego causing internal conflict over spending, in My experience. It’s always a great feeling knowing that a sub lives and breathes to make My life easier and better.

Cookie Girl Extortion Fantasy

sbs: So much going on in this clip including age play, blackmail and homewrecking. Is it fun to roleplay like this clip for you, and do you enjoy the idea of older men being completely unable to resist you no matter the consequences to their marriage and financial stability?

PA: This clip was really fun to film! It incorporated many of My favorite fetishes such as Findom and homewrecking. I also finally wore that hot little cookie girl costume that’s been in My closet for YEARS. This can be a taboo fetish and topic, especially right now, but age play and age gaps have been a major kink of Mine. I love it when a confident, hot little brat takes advantage of an older man and makes him Her bitch. Whether it’s in a situation like in My clip or in a strip club or an office setting – I find it all so sexy! Older men are so weak for hot, younger women so I love to see them being drained and used like they are practically BEGGING to be with their stares and hard-ons!

princess ashley findom
Spoiled Princess Ashley
princess ashley findom

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