Daily Fix: March 27th 2024 – Featured Maid Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Aurora

It’s time to sign the contract and give up your current life. Princess Aurora knows once you agree there is no going back. Let Her lay out all the rules of your new life for you. Daily uniform inspections are very important. You must be perfect 24/7 to be Her maid. A prissy sissy little bitch, wearing the ruffles, the lace, the bows. Wig, heels, makeup. EVERYTHING! You’ll never wear mens clothing again, you’ll totally wipe your mind of your former life and begin again as the 24/7 sissy house maid of Princess Aurora.

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Miss Ellie M

The French maid has always stirred your perverted mind – and I don’t blame you – because there is no more sophisticated combination of two colors of latex black and white on a fragile beauty with scarlet lips and an impeccably cute face! I am your maid and I know how much you like my sensual curves and how the sounds of divine latex turn you on! Enjoy right now!

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Lady Mesmeratrix

I am too busy living my life that I have no time left to do house jobs! I am going to do some auditions to find my personal house maid! Apply now and let’s see if you can be the one I need!

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Lady Ruby Onyx

Its every mans dream! Take a seat! Kick back! Let me come into your house and carry out your cleaning for you! You can sit back and watch me dressed in sexy Stockings and Lingerie whilst I hoover your apartment! Feel free to Throb and Edge over me as I bend over and dance around, I really don’t mind!

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Goddess Ambra

This filthy sissy maid must learn that her purpose in My house hold is to ‘clean’ everything I will demand, not just the dust of My furniture. It’s her first day at My service so she has no idea on what to expect. I like to humiliate her by making her wear high heels and cheap whorish lingerie along with a wig while cleaning the house. Her skills prove to be quite clumsy but I will correct her pretty soon with My strapons!

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