Thursday June 18th 2015

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London Lix


London Lix knows your’e hooked. On Her and on poppers and you will spend anything to get your fix. So what She does She do? She exploits you in Anything for Poppers Her new clip on Clips4Sale


London also knows Its Just a Fantasy, Her new clip, your cravings for cock are just fantasies and nothing more…………..


Macey Jade


Macey Jade is extra hot today because She is being extra greedy in Her new clip on iWantClips. Deep Pockets. She wants to dig deep in your today with Her new clip priced at $100. If that price just made you get a little chub then you need to buy this clip!


She actually went out and did Her errands dressed like this the other day. I bet She made men fall to their knees and made women jealous everywhere She went!

Mistress Chantelle 


Mistress Chantelle has been busy updating all Her clip stores Clips4Sale, iWantClips, Kinkbomb and ClipVia




Go to your favorite store and buy all Her hot new fetish clips from this fresh new Domme.


Goddess Jasmine

wallet wanker gif

Wallet Wanker is Goddess Jasmine’s new clip on Clips4Sale. Well one of them because She posted two clips today!

Her losers are lucky!

beauty is power gif

Her second clip is Beauty is Power and She has all the power over you with those looks! She looks like a true Goddess in Her shiny gold dress and everything fits so perfect!


Goddess Christina


It’s amazing Goddess Christina gets any work done, let alone as much as She does. If I were Her I would probably just stare at Myself in the mirror all day. But She was fortunately able to release Change in Management on iWantClips today. She’s your new boss, you;re screwed, buy the clip.


Her other new clip Alpha or Beta is pretty straight forward. Buy it because you are beta.


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