Clip Review: Ninja No More – Featuring Goddess Sophia Stone and Jason Ninja

by Michael Smith
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When you cross the wrong people, as Jason Ninja has done, you know you’re in danger.  The likely contract on your life is inevitable and you watch carefully hoping to avoid the fate they have planned for you.  What you never imagine is that the instrument of death sent to terminate you is the catsuit clad amazon Goddess of your dreams, and soon to be final nightmares, Goddess Sophia Stone.  She is so beautiful and perfect and overwhelming, you can’t imagine it will end this way.


Goddess Sophia is the best at what she does and she’s been given specific instructions to make Jason suffer enormous amounts of pain and indignity as she takes him out.  Taking great delight in her assignment, the perfect blonde Terminatrix slowly and deliberately chokes and squeezes the life out of her prey.  Sadistically, she slowly enjoys breaking him down by scissoring him in various positions and documenting the entire encounter through a series of evil selfies.  Jason is over matched, outclassed and ultimately defenseless against the perfect assassin.  Goddess Sophia toys with him long enough to make his final moments agonizing before finishing him off with a satisfied, almost aroused, smile.  Another job well done by the world’s hottest “hit for hire”. 

Watching Goddess overpower and dominate the helpless Jason was an erotic experience unlike any other.  Goddess Sophia is resplendent in her black, skintight catsuit and boots.  Her perfect huge breasts spilling out of the tight catsuit and her every muscular curve on display as she squeezes her victim into submission.  This clip is female domination and physical superiority at its finest.  Don’t miss this incredible clip you will want to watch over and over again.  Find yourself wishing you were in his position and then realizing how terrifying it would be to be that aroused and yet that helpless in the clutches of a true Alpha Goddess!

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Clip Name: Ninja No More
Models In The Clip: Goddess Sophia Stone
Date Reviewed: June 17th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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