Sunday September 6th 2015

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Goddess Jessica


Goddess Jessica has been busy touring Europe with Her main squeeze Lindsey Leigh. They find random guys to play tour guide and take Them around the many towns They have visited. They’ve corrupted hotel owners, restaurant owners and many locals. All for Their benefit. Check out Her Twitter for pics and updates.


Buy Her newest clips on iWantClips, then tribute Her, then buy them again and again.


Mistress T


Mistress T absolutely terrorizes Her victim for fun in Her newest clip on Clips4Sale. It’s Stop and Go Game Time as She strokes Her slave to the brink of orgasm then stops him. She controls every twitch of his dick, everything it feels, every drop of pre-cum that comes out and of course his orgasm.



Vikki Lynn


Rinsed, Ruined, Shiny Bikini Drain is Goddess Vikki Lynn’s new addictive clip on Clips4Sale. She knows what makes you weak, hot girls in shiny bikinis. you’re easy. It’s not hard to figure out. Go stroke and spend for Her and Her blue shiny bikini.


Goddess Jasmine


Goddess Jasmine already has you figured out. I bet you didn’t even know how deep your cock addiction runs. you would ‘do anything to lease Her‘ but She knows you are really fulfilling your cock cravings. you just need to hide behind the hottest sexy Woman to face it.

Well sit here and Stroke and Embrace the truth loser and buy Her new clip on Kinkbomb



Princess Jeslyn


Princess Jeslyn is making things clear for you today. She knows your brain gets clouded over with many thoughts and images, so today She is lifting the fog and sending you on the right path. A path of clarity, of purpose, a path straight to Her greedy hands.

Embrace you Purpose, take this journey and buy Her clip from kinkbomb now.


London Lix


Deeper and deeper it runs. you crave it more and more. you can’t live without. you are Aroused by Addiction and Mistress London is going to prove this to you in Her new clip on Clips4Sale.


Have you done anything for Her lately??

Princess Ashley


Princess Ashley has a nice dose of ass for you in Her new clip Rx Ass 7. She knows exactly what your aching cock needs and She’s here to give you your medicine. In fact you may need a few more doses so delete the clip and buy it again. Possibly again and again if your symptoms haven’t faded.



Lady Olivia Fyre


you knew the time was coming, you had to. you haven’t had sex in the longest time. But here She is, your wife, fucking you and telling you that this is the last time because She’s only going to fuck other men from now on. you are sad but so horny and Her moans of pleasure keep you going, even though you are breaking inside. Buy Cuck’s Last Fuck on Clips4Sale today


Bratty Bunny


Stroke and Smoke is Bratty Bunny’s newest clip on iWantClips. It will be a fave for all Her stoner losers out there as She has them puff away any thoughts they may have had. Then She encourages them to stroke away any other lingering thoughts they might have had and focus all on Her. How can your attention not be on Her in that tiny green outfit?



Bratty Nikki


Bratty Nikki knows exactly what She’s doing in Her little pink shorts She knows exactly what they do to you and She knows She will get exactly what She wants from you by shoving them in your face.

Go buy Her new irresistible clip from iWantClips Pink Shorts Make you Pay


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