Clip Review: Homewrecking Babysitter Secures Her Job – Featuring Miss London Lix

by Michael Smith
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The very first time sexy London Lix babysat for you, you could barely take your eyes off of her.  Those long legs in her tiny shorts, always accented with high heels, and those spectacular breasts right there just agonizingly close enough to touch.  Your wife obviously noticed the effect this young Temptress was having on you as well because she has been adamant lately that you find a different babysitter and get rid of London. Tonight was the typical fight, and London heard everything.  When you come home, your wife goes upstairs immediately, not even wanting to see London because she’s reminded of how inferior she is to her in every way with every time she lays eyes on her perfect, young body.  London is everything your wife will never be…young, hot and confident in her ability to seduce any man she sets her sights on.  Tonight, she’s decided to see how far you’ll go for her.  She can see from the bulge in your pants that you’re excited to have her there and you most definitely approve of how hot she looks!
London1 London3
Take out your cock and stroke for your hot babysitter.  Your wife isn’t going to come downstairs, London explains to you.  She knows she can’t possibly compare to me, she tells you, and it’s the truth.  London, your hot, sexy babysitter is world’s apart from your wife who could never excite you like this! And as you stroke while watching London reveal just how incredibly perfect her body is, and as she teases you with her lollipop in ways you’ll be thinking about forever, you can’t resist jerking your cock to her until you explode.  She has you wrapped around her little finger, and completely under her spell.  No matter how much your wife might protest, you’ll find a way to continue to employ your sexy babysitter, now won’t you? You couldn’t imagine being without the ultimate Temptress in your house no matter the consequences, can you?
This is one of the hottest homewrecker clips ever! Miss London Lix looks amazing and plays the naughty babysitter perfectly.  She’s in complete control of her older man and knows exactly how to push his buttons.  She’s in charge of this household now.  You’ll do anything she asks of you at the expense of your wife’s wishes, and you’ll do it because London turns you on so damn much, you can’t resist! Enjoy this classic clip from a world-class seductress, Miss London Lix. 

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Clip Name: Homewrecking Babysitter Secures Her Job
Models In The Clip: Miss London Lix
Date Reviewed: August 30th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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