Monday September 7th 2015

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Lindsey Leigh


Birthday Girl Lindsey Leigh has obviously been to busy traveling around Europe. She thought it would be nice to give Her losers a video blog, a vlog, and tell you what She has been up to. She talks about Her clips, things She has been doing, gifts and sneak peeks at Her new clips. Get Lindsey Vlog on iWantClips today.


Be sure to look at Her iWantClips store for Her other newest clips. Always tribute instead of saying thank you. Nobody wants to listen to you.


Only a few days left until Her birthday!!! Have you sent Her a gift or a tribute yet?? Get on it, loser. It’s your purpose!

Princess Alexa


you are so easy to use. Look at you, you fall to your knee, the second you see Princess Alexa’s feet! you love them SO much! If you want Her feet, you’re going to have to earn them! Worship Her feet, kiss them in Joi Foot Tease And Worship. Today iWantClips. you pathic Loser.


Princess Lacy


Watch as Princess Lacy actually shows you the worn and just about to be shipped off pantyhose. Before She starts to tease you with Her new pair. But, THIS new pair of Her pantyhose can be yours! Imagine, having a pair of pantyhose that actually were worn by a Goddess like Her. you could actually own something that has touched Her perfect body. Who wants My panthose Part 2? It’s well worth it. Today at Clips4Sale.


Mistress Chantel


It’s not hard for Mistress Chantel to pull you into Her web. She knows just how to make you tick and She knows how to get what She wants. you are quite naughty, Addicted Losers who is addicted to this Goddesses curves and beautiful body. It’s time Loser. Just how much you TRULY appreciate this Goddess in front of your eyes. Get ready to worship Her like you were born to do. At Kinkbomb.


Mistress T


There’s an Medical Test Explosion . WHOA! this fella had quite the explosive finish all from Her. Who came for a standard medical exam. This is exactly what you’re looking for. you wish this was you being examed by Mistress T. She has you just where She wants you. Go get you exam loser over at Clips4sale.


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