Sunday July 12th 2015

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Princess Lexie


Sucker for Pantyhose is one of Princess Lexie’s new clips today. Her lucky losers got 2 clip updates today!!


The Brattier the Better is Her 2nd clip and She is in full on brat mode in this clip. Teasing you with Her perfect curves, degrading and humiliating you. She knows you love it.


Goddess Amiee


Let’s Go Shopping is Goddess Amiee’s new clip on Clips4Sale. She’s ready to use and abuse your credit card and shop til you drop and beg for mercy. She’s on a mission! Watch out!


Spoil this greedy Goddess yourself and click on Her pic to get to Her Amazon Wish List

Kelle Martina


In My House bitch Kelle Maritna’s new clip on Clips4Sale She tells you how things will be now that you are Her house bitch. She tells you what is expect of Her new pet. Are you ready to fully serve Her?


Mandy Flores


Realtor Bribe ll : Cock Tease is Mandy Flores’ new clip on Kinkbomb. Her fans are going to love this one! Complete with 69 and lots of positions for you to imagine yourself in.


She has been enjoying this summer very much!




Princess Ashley


Princess Ashley loves a stupid sucker and She chose you today! In Her new clip on iWantClips Rigging you Off, My Favorite Game She takes advantage of Her little sucker and rips him off!


She deserves much more than a smile on Her fave, go spoil Her! Click on Her pic to get to Her Amazon Wish List 


Princess Rene


Worship Rene: Pray is Princess Rene’s new clip on Kinkbomb. She looks divine as She commands you to pray for Her and truly worship Her.




Princess Kaelin


Princess Kaelin coaxes you into jerking for Her new clip on iWantClips loser for Fish Net Feet. She knows just how to make you weak as She wiggles Her toes and laughs at you for being a foot loser.




Mistres Lara Kane


Lara Kane can’t help that Her ass draws you in like a bug to light. She’s just doing yoga….. Watch Her stretch, flex and degrade you as She flaunts Her tight Yoga Ass, Her new clip on iWantClips.



Kelly Sunshine


Kelly Sunshine makes you Her Slutty Strap-on Bitch in Her new clip on iWantClips. She teases you with Her sexy body and the way She moves will have you begging for Her huge cock!




Lady Nina Leigh


Lady Nina Leigh knows exactly how to stupefy Her losers. With Her divine body. Her curves melt minds world wide and now it’s your turn. Buy Her new clip on iWantClips My Perfect Body and don’t deprive yourself another minute without this clip!


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