Clip Review: Rich Guys Are The Dumbest – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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If your a straight male, the sight of a woman as perfectly beautiful as Princess Nikki crawling around a bed, dressed in sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings, is guaranteed to lower your ability to think and loosen your grasp on your wallet.  Princess knows exactly what effect she has on all men, of course, but in this seductive clip, she’s big game hunting, so to speak.  The deeper the wallet, the more devastating her seductive ways will impact you.  Watch her perfect long legs and imagine them wrapping around you as, in your mind, you begin to think you might be man enough to be with a woman as gorgeous as Princess Nikki.


Of course, all those fantasy thoughts you’re having are simply delusional.  No matter how fat your wallet is, you’ll never be with a woman like Princess Nikki.  She will allow you to SPOIL her, SPEND your bank account on her, and WORSHIP her, if you’re lucky, but you’ll never feel the firmness of that spectacular round ass or feel how incredibly perfect those world-class breasts feel against your skin.  Those privileges are reserved for real men who not only have large bank accounts, but are also large in other ways you could never dream of!

So, rich guy, it’s time to realize your place and your role with your new addiction, Bratty Princess Nikki.  Kneel down, wallet in hand, and prepare yourself to hand over everything.  Can you feel your IQ dropping in Princess Nikki’s perfect, manipulative presence? Now be a good little rich boy and fetch Princess some very expensive gifts, won’t you?

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Clip Name: Rich Guys Are The Dumbest
Models In The Clip: Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: July 11th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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