Saturday September 12th 2015

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Macey Jade


Macey Jade is here to fulfill your ultimate fantasy in Her new clip Sock Job Fantasy on iWantClips.

She got these new ruffled anklet fishnet socks and the texture of them made Her feet feel amazing and it sparked an idea! Just imagine how amazing it would feel to have Her feet in these socks jerking you off!

She guides you to an unforgettable orgasm and goes on Her way.


Princess Lacey


Princess Lacey is known for Her deception and todays new clip on Kinkbomb is no different. In Girlfriend Tricks into Eating your Own Cum you are desperate for your hot gf to suck your cock and swallow your load, but She hates it. She’s willing to make a deal though, you eat yours first!


She’d never suck your cock loser, She’s too hot for you!

Princess Breanna

Worship My Tight Ass gif

Consider it done. Consider yourself owned. Consider getting on your knees and worshipping the perfect round ass of Princess Breanna. Now stop considering it, go buy it, worship and tribute like a good little boy. It’s all She cares about anyway.

Buy Worship My Tight Ass from Her Clips4Sale store today.


Princess Jeslyn


Princess Jeslyn posted a new clip yesterday to Her iWantClips store that is going to make quite a few men crazy. But She does post a warning label on it so you certainly can’t blame Her! DANGEROUS Heavenly Tits Mindfuck can be bought at your own caution. But let’s be honest, She doesn’t care what happens to you


Goddess Amanda


Bratty blonde bombshell Goddess Amanda released a humiliating reality check for Her losers today. It’s not like they don’t know they are never going to get a girl again, but then hot girls like Amanda rub it in their faces and…..they like it even more.

Don’t pretend like you don’t!

Go buy Fucking your Hand Forever from iWantClips today.


Christy Berrie


Christy Berrie has you all figured out. She knows seeing Her puffing on a cigarette makes you crazy. Specially when She has on dark lipstick.

Watch the smoke slip through Her lips as She taunts you and guides you along. you will have no choice but to follow helplessly. Buy Feed your Addiction on Clips4Sale today


Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan graced Her minions with this tasty treat today in Her Kinkbomb store. She has them do a few grimy tasks as She encourages them along.


Looks pretty intense. Are you going to be able to keep up with all of Her demands in A Very Messy Task? Buy it and find out! If you can’t, I’m sure there’s a failure fee.

Lady Nina Leigh


This clip should just be called DUH, but Mistress Nina gave it a real name Not for you. It’s painfully obvious that you will never get Her but it’s still really fun to rub in your faces all the time.

Specially when She’s wearing a tiny shiny bikini and looking so hot and mean. you can’t resist it, you can’t resist Her, so put the effort into stroking and paying instead.

Buy it off iWantClips today


Mistress Lara Kane


Mistress of Herts Lara Kane posted I Drink Champagne to Her iWantClips store today as a firm reminder to all Her losers that She is on the very top. She deserves everything nice while you gulp down your piss! Oh yeah, did She not mention that little task…


Check out Her YouTube channel for free previews of some of Her clips!

Goddess Christina


Goddess Christina knows exactly what it takes to get you to your weakest. She knows how to bring you to your knees effortlessly.

She gives you a few details of what Her night will entail and a few demands for you to do after and that’s it. you are at Her beck and call. you will do anything to please Her. Just buy Cuckold Clean-up Duty from iWantClips and tribute Her like a good little boy.


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