Clip Review: Seduced Into Financial Domination – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane

by Michael Smith
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Seduced into Financial Domination

Admit it…when you hired the sexy Kayla Jane to be your maid, you did it because she’s drop-dead gorgeous and you enjoyed the idea of staring at that world-class ass while she dusted and cleaned, right? Are you really surprised that she’s noticed your staring and drooling? And can you really say it’s unexpected that she’s decided to turn your lust for her perfect beauty against you? Watch in awe as she reveals just how spectacularly beautiful and tempting she really is.  Can you feel your desire for her washing over you and controlling your every thought? Good…that’s exactly what Goddess Kayla Jane intended. 
You may be the “boss” in name only, but we both know who’s in total control here.  You’ll pay your perfect maid more you could ever imagine.  Spoil perfection.  Give Goddess Kayla everything she desires.  You have no choice and no resistance, do you? She’s climbed inside your head and is extraordinary at mindfucking men into doing her bidding.  That’s a good boy.  Do exactly what Goddess Kayla Jane says, and pay handsomely for the privilege of watching her “work”. 
As always, Goddess Kayla Jane will leave you aching for her sensational body and her perfect seductive ways.  Show me a woman on this planet who understands better how to control a man, because I can’t imagine anyone better.  She is flawlessly beautiful, but even more than that, knows exactly how to push a man’s buttons and completely enslave him.  Enjoy the journey into complete submission at the hands of a true Seductress!

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Clip Name: Seduced Into Financial Domination
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kayla Jane Danger
Date Reviewed: September 9th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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