Saturday August 15th 2015

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Bratty Nikki


The two rave Brats are at it again in Bratty Nikki’s new clip That Wasn’t Just Molly Haha!  on iWantClips. They trick into taking more than what They told you it was. And then They pillage your wallet and have a bit of Princess Brat fun before getting bored with you and leaving you.


Spend for your Princess is Princess Nikki’s 2nd clip of the day on iWantClips. She’s pushing it hard ager being on vacation practically all summer. She wants you to spend hard now so She really turns up the heat in this financial domination clip.


Princess Meggerz

Jerk Off Edging

Princess Meggerz updated Her Clip4Sale store with a hot new painful edging session clip called Jerk Off Edging. She teases and instructs you how to stroke and when to stop all while looking perfectly divine n Her dark purple lingerie outfit and knee high black boots. Find out if you can handle all Her demands.


Her fans adore Her and show it by dedicating their time to making Her fan art.


Kelly Sunshine


Raver Princess Kelly Sunshine loves to find new ways to humiliate you. She knows deep down, even though you resist profusely and beg uncontrollably, you want cock. So She pushes you in this clip to be Her little fag boi.

See what She does to you in Her new clip on iWantClips Degraded by Another Man



Sophia Stone


Sophia Stone is at a hotel and receives a box at Her door. She sees nothing and tosses it aside. But She over looked Her tiny assistant the hotel gave Her. See what happens to Her little helper in Compliments of the Concierge Her new clip on Clips4Sale



Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan has a new humiliation task clip out on Kinkbomb. In Humiliating Body Writing She gives you specific words and demeaning phrases that leave you with your ego shredded and Princess happy.

you would do anything to make Princess happy right??



Princess Amanda


It’s the night of your marriage to your new beautiful Goddess wife and She decides its time to tell you about something She really wants. Find out Her surprise for you in Her new clip Our Honeymoon Night on Clips4Sale



Sasha Mizaree


Goddess Sasha posted a thrilling new clip to Her Clips4Sale store today. In Ego Destruction Humiliation Day 1  She taunts you with Her long legs, up skirt teases and Her perfect natural body as She degrades you until you are withered down to nothing.



Princess Lacey


Princess Lacey is a firm believer in ruined male orgasms. She doesn’t believe males are worthy of such pleasure. See what cruel taks She has for you in Her new clip Always Ruin your Orgasm Her new clip on Kinkbomb


Her shiny ass will melt what’s left of your brain after that.


Nina Leigh


Hate to Love Me CEI is Nina Leighs new clip on iWantClips. She knows what She does to you and how you hate yourself after you spend for Her, but you love to do it. you crave following Her commands, no matter the task.



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