Friday August 14th 2015

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Goddess Lindsey


Goddess Lindsey posted 2 new clips in Her iWantClips store today with very specific instructions. She doesn’t want you to stroke to this one at all! Just watch and resist in No More Stroking

Good luck!


Butt you can stroke to this one, for $300! She knows you are a sucker for spending for Her ass so She takes complete advantage of you and your wallet in Shiny Ass Rip-off


She was looking stunning on cam tonight as She raped wallet after wallet.

Kayla Jane Danger


Kayla Jane posted a new clip to Her Kinkbomb store today. PSA for Virgin losers is Her way of letting you know how much She is repulsed by virgins. She’s not going to pity you just because you’ve never touched a pussy.

She’s going to make fun of you for it actually!



Kelly Sunshine


Kelly Sunshine is no amateur when it comes to making fun of your tiny dick. She’s an aficionado at it really. She has made it into an art form and you should be thanking Her every waking minute you have with tributes and gifts.

Her new clip on iWantClips Tiny Panties for your Little Prick is a cruel and intense small penis humiliation clip. Get it before your tiny balls explode just by watching the gif



Mina Thorne


Wickedly beautiful Mistress Mine Thorne is at it again today. Making you weak, addicted and helpless. Why would She ever stop. Why would you ever want Her to? She gets deeper into your mind with each clip and this one will be like a hot dagger searing into your brain. Addiction, can you handle more of it? Do you think She cares?


She woke up like this, as She said good morning to all Her addicts on Twitter


Violet Doll


The Power of Red is Violet Doll’s new clip on iWantClips.

Her big red shiny lips will suck you in and keep you entranced until She is done with you.




Macey Jade


Macey Jade’s creative brattiness has no ends. Her smoke detector was beeping and annoying Her, like you losers do, so She decided to bank on it.

She controls your stroking and orgasm with the sound of the beep in Jerk to the Beep Her new clip on Clips4Sale




Princess Ellie Idol

your cock and balls deserve agony


Princess Ellie Idol posted this torturous clip to Her Clips4Sale store today your Cock and Balls Deserve Agony. Her tight pants and pink high heels make Her look so bratty as She gives you undeniable commands to inflict pain on your cock and balls. Why? Because She can.



Goddess Jasmine

Addiction ruins your life gif


Addiction RUINS your Life is Goddess Jasmine’s new clip on Clips4Sale. She looks impeccable in Her black leather outfit as She teases you to the edge of ruin and right over it with out even notching anything but Her entrancing looks.



Stare deep into this pic and you will find your purpose in life. your reason for servitude.


Lady Nina Leigh


Lady Nina Leigh released new addicting material for Her wankers last night. Just when you thought it was safe to come out of hiding, She is there to strike.

No Escape from Goddess is your new nightmare that you fantasize about.


Butts butts butts. See if you can correctly guess who’s butt is who’s and leave your answer in the comments! you will win an extra min to stroke to this pic!

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