Wednesday August 12th 2015

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Mistress Elle Smith


Mistress Bardot wants to make things extremely clear for you in Her new clip on iWantClips. She hates you and She gives you constant reminders of this fact throughout It’s Pretty Clear That I Hate you

you love that fact that She hates you. you love being denied by Her and Her greed. you will always comes back for more.




Trixie Miss


The stunning Goddess Trixie updated Her Clips4Sale store with Lap it Up today. She teases your pants off with Her perfectly sculpted body in Her tiny polka dot bikini and black gloves, such a sexy touch.

She knows how hot She is and that Her beauty can get you to do anything She wants, so guess what She want you to do today?? At least She will let let you cum.



Goddess Jasmine

caged cock gif

Goddess Jasmine fulfills your kinks on an hourly basis. She posted 2 new fetish clips to Clips4Sale today.

Her first one is all about chastity. you being locked up in a cage, completely naked, in front of Her. Then She proceeds to torture you and tease you until your  cock is swelling out of the tight cage. Buy Caged Cock now.

Blackmail Obsessed gif

Is blackmail the only thing that gets your cock hard? Blackmail and hot girls that threaten you with exposure is your ultimate weakness. you are obsessed with the idea of it. Jasmine uses that against you in Her new clip Blackmail Obsessed. 


Amyleen Moore


Amyleen gave Her foot boys a treat today when She posted Her new clip on Kinkbomb Foot sluts Don’t Need Much. She sits there in Her chair with black stockings on playing on Her phone hardly giving you any attention. you get Her pantyhose clad feet in your face. What more do you need?




Haven The Great


Goddess Haven. Repeat Her name as you worship Her perfect booty in Her shiny yoga pants.

Just don’t drool on your keyboard and fry your computer while worshiping Her new clip Yoga Pants Ass Worship on iWantClips.


Submit and surrender to this ultimate Goddess.


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