Thursday September 10th 2015

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Macey Jade


you unowned “men” are nothing more to Her than dribbling Lowly Mutts. Going from door to door whimpering and begging for a hand out. She sees you like a little pound puppy with dreams of being petted and loved. But, Goddess Macey knows you’re a useless mutt who needs to be muzzled. Today at iWantClips.


Lady Nina Leigh


Gorgeous Goddess Lady Nina Leigh has on quite the sexy striped bikini. It’s perfectly shaped around Her perfect peach, hitting that switch in your brain ‘submissive mode on’. Everytime you see Her ass you become a drone for it, you’ll do anything for Her ass, it turns you into such a weak zombie in Ass Drone over at iWantClips.


Christy Berrie


you think you’re a grown man, off at college, but you don’t know shit. One thing you haven’t learned is how to attract Women like Goddess Christy Berrie. Being your professor, She figured She would teach you a thing or two. you think you’re such a big man on campus, attracting all these young little sluts…but in Her office, you’re on your knees, hard as a rock while She teases you. you’ve never edged before, have you? She’ll teach you right, Teachers Pet at KinkBomb.


Rosemary Rabbit


Obey the pussy! She wants more and She gets it! Goddess Rosemary loves to cum so much. She has this machine that can fuck Her non-stop until She’s sated…temporarily anyway 😉 Squirting, closeups, loud moaning, pussy rubbing, and fucking machine on the highest setting. All because Her Pussy Wants More over at Clips4Sale.


Goddess Vikki


you can never resist Her. It feels so good. you know it’s dangerous but you want to please Goddess Vikki. you just keep taking more and more money out of your account to give to Her. And it’s so easy, it feels so good. Making Her happy is very important. Draining you leaves you feeling useful… Being Used Finacially by Her is your dream, loser. Today at Clips4Sale.


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