Thursday February 26th 2015

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Bratty Bunny


Bratty Bunny wins the top spot for today with sexy and fun clip of Her dancing and shaking Her perfect ass to make Her losers weak and spendy Sexy Dancing. But that was just the beginning for this bombshell. Her busy day continued with filming clips, then getting in a work out and somehow found time to make a yummy and healthy dinner. This girl can do it all and take your money without even trying. But She didn’t stop there either! She posted a pic that would any man’s heart beat fast, let alone one already weakened by Her clips. Inspire this Domme to keep posting such amazing content by clicking on Her pics and spending for Her.


Astro Domina

Astro Domina offered an amazing deal today via Her Twitter page: “Hurry! The next 3 people who get one of my compilation videos (POV SEX or GIANTESS) will get a special sexy surprise.  With offers like that, you are plain stupid if you aren’t following Her Twitter account! And She released a humiliation video that is every pool boy’s dream “Pool boy’s Punishment

Poolboy Punish GIF

Goddess Rodea

Goddess Rodea graced us with another astonishing clip today Interactive Tributes. This one features Thigh Highs, High Heels, Financial Domination, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, and Femdom POV. Be sure to buy all Her clips and submit to this leggy Goddess.


Haven The Great

Haven the Great‘s first Tweet of the day should have not been taken lightly: “I woke up in the mood to destroy lives, feelings & bank accounts. more so than usual. so I know it’s going to be a good day.” And when She posts pics like this one, it’s easy to understand why She feels so empowered.


Bratty Nikki

Bratty Nikki woke up completely spoiled as usual. First thing She did was buy Kiesza concert tickets and demand that Her losers pay for it. She was even thoughtful enough to make a special donation page so you can easily pay for Her night. Don’t just pay for the $75 tickets now. There will be drinks, an outfit and more drinks to pay for so dig deep in your pockets! Click here to ensure She has the perfect evening. It will give Her more motivation to post clips, like this one, on a regular basis. $100 Because you Like Paying My Ass!



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