Thursday April 23rd 2015

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Goddess Christina


Goddess Christina was trapping more losers into Her web today when She posted Fresh Little Cuck to Her iWantClips store. Her long lean body will entrap any man that comes near Her.


She has these panties up for sale now and will be posting more on Her Twitter page so keep your eyes peeled and email Her if you see ones you want to buy from Her at

Astro Domina

Pet Bowl GIF

Astro Domina posted this kinky new clip Cum Soup for Dinner on Clips4Sale today. In that tiny hot pink lingerie set, there is no way any ‘slurp sub’ could resist Her commands.


She’s hot and She knows it and She’s going to rub it in your face, literally with this Domme too!


Glitter Goddess


Glitter Goddess has added a new audio track to Her Goodies on Niteflirt. you can listen to the free preview of I Will Own your Cock by clicking here.

Goddess London Lix


Do you want to own Goddess London Lix’s self proclaimed hottest JOI clip ever? It’s your lucky day because She released it today on Kinkbomb! British Goddess Worship Sensual JOI is London’s latest clip release and it looks amazing!

Make yourself lucky tonight and buy Her new clip!


Goddess Lindsey


Take a Drink for Me is Goddess Lindsey’s latest release today on iWantClips. She uses Her natural superiority and beauty to entice into drinking for Her. I wonder if that’s all She has in store for you today??

Buy the clip to find out!


Then spoil Her for posting pics like this one and making our days better. Click the pic for Her Amazon Wish List.


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