Daily Fix: February 29th 2024 – Featured Office Domination Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Aurora

You have always been a little bit obsessed with your hot, younger boss Princess Aurora – It’s very unusual for such a young woman to be the head of a company. You have had strange fantasies about Her ever since you began working at Her company. You made the mistake of confessing these desires to a co-worker and now this information has got back to the boss! You are called into Her office to explain yourself. She tells you to breathe in deep to calm down. You feel very aroused as Her words guide you. You feel the soft touch of Her leg against you.. you’re not quite sure where this is going. She knows exactly what She’s doing and has a devious ulterior motive.

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Lady Nina

You’re a chronic underachiever. Ive got females in my office way more productive than you. The first step before that though is to punish you in order to make you perform. Ive a secret soft spot for humiliation which you’re about to encounter. Fucking pervert.

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Miss Tiffany James

You are such a pervert, and now that I have been given that promotion. I am your boss! This means, no more perving over my fantastic body, instead, you are now my office bitch. This means you are to do all the menial tasks that I shouldn’t have to do. Shoe cleaning, coffee making, desk cleaning, oh yes, and when the office has run out of paper for wiping, that’s when your tongue comes in useful… and of course, your wages! After all the years of you perving, I deserve at least 50% of your earnings, to begin with anyway…

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Mistress Courtney

My new intern decided he thought it was a good idea to enter my office and interrupt me, Everyone in My building knows that if you ‘enter’ My office and interrupt me, I will take you on my desk and and ‘enter’ your tight little ass. My intern is the newest person on the team to learn this lesson. He has learned the hard way. Watch as I grab him by his cock and use it as an anchor, while I thrust my hard lubed cock deep inside him. He looks back at me, brain completely scrambled and total disbelief, unable to comprehend what is happening to him. The humiliation that he feels, My superior cock is giving him so much pleasure and that he could never fuck like this. He must now accept the fact that he only gets fucked like this, just lay back, look into my eyes and watch my big breasts jiggle with every thrust deep in his ass until I decide I have finished with him.

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Princess Amber

You’re the ONLY male in the office, working with so many hot women who despise you. You don’t understand why they hate you so much, even tho you hit on them constantly despite them being WAY outta your league. This job means so much to you, which is why I wanna help you keep it. As the Head Female in Charge, I explain how you can make the women in this office acknowledge you instead of just laughing in front of your face as if you aren’t in the room. You just need to humiliate yourself to show the women in this office that you know your place. Thats right… and I am going to help you do it! You just gotta relieve some of that built up tension that is making you act like something you’re not! Go ahead and stroke. No, don’t take it out of your pants… just rub it on the outside. Mmmmm that’s it, maybe come closer and I’ll use my boots to finish you off. You’re gonna walk around the ENTIRE office with cum filled pants! Its the only way to get the women here to accept you, and I know how badly you want their approval lol.

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