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by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Penelope says…so obey like a good boy!

Goddess Penelope green lingerie

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Headphones on, Lights off

slaveboysmith: This immersive clip will have any submissive completely wrapped around your finger & deeply into subspace. How does it feel to take total control of a slave, mind, body & soul? And once you shut off our minds and turn us into pump sluts, what fate might await your vulnerable prey?

Goddess Penelope: All alone in their safe space, my vulnerable prey is most definitely gonna be on a gooning journey of mindfuckery. Pumping non stop, and inhaling the naughty stuff. Making sure they turn into the ultimate gooning zombie for me. I love teasing them over and over just like they’re used to, and they know that they can’t resist my commands to stroke and pump and lose their minds with me. I love it when they lose their brain cells for me. They don’t need to think when I’m in charge.


sbs: With our minds swirling and popping, your instructions are all that matter. With every inhale, we fall deeper into submission. How might a new gooner offer themselves to you as their coach, Goddess Penelope?

GP: The gooners I like to take on as coaching clients are those that are into endurance gooning. Those that see it as a challenge and that can go for hours and hours upon end. Those that are always open and willing to learn new ways to goon. I love to plant seeds in my little gooner brains, and watching them flourish into something exciting. I actually include fitness training with my Goon coaching programs, so you have to earn your hours. So there are actual health benefits to it.

Goon Girlfriend

sbs: Do you regularly have your submissives attempt to become “normal” and date, only to relapse back into gooning their lives away for you, Goddess Penelope? And each time a submissive relapses, what are your expectations of them upon crawling back?

GP: Hahaha! Yes I do! Silly that they think they can be “normal” and try not to goon! I mean, they’re addicted to it, and nothing feels better than gooning for me. They might attempt to find a nice normal girl to date, but they all know that gooning for me is the best sex they’ll ever have. I don’t have any expectations in particular, they just know that there’s no escaping euphoria with me.

Corrupt Clinic: Home Wrecking Addiction

sbs: Are many of your submissives married men, Goddess Penelope? We men don’t always seek what we need and want, settling for something less fulfilling and then it haunts us. How do married men typically respond to your training and dominance over them?

GP: Married men are the weakest. They know what they’re doing is conflicting, but they can’t help but become addicted to me. They’re the easiest to tease and they’re mostly so turned on by the homewrecking fantasy, it makes them so weak when I tease them. I set them risky tasks that could end in divorce, and they love it even more. They’re so led by their horny married cocks, nothing can get in the way.

Pump 4 Penelope V2.0

sbs: I’m sensing a theme here with your clip choices, Goddess Penelope. Starting with some naughty sniffing of a little brown bottle, our minds begin to swirl and we become weaker and more vulnerable. What can you share about how it feels to watch a grown man crumble before you and be reduced into nothing more than a high and horny pumping slut?

GP: Ooooh I love melting the minds of grown men. Turning them into pumping Penelope puppets excites me. Naughty sniffing and hours of endless gooning, worshiping me non stop and making them obsessed. I’m their religion and they worship me. They need me in their life. They spend most of their life in work, feeling stressed, so they can’t wait for the weekend to switch their brains off and not think. I’m their sanctuary.

Goddess Penelope tattoos, legs and heels on bed
Goddess Penelope cane in dungeon
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