Daily Fix: March 1st 2024 – Featured Hot Wife Clips

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Goddess Ambra

Goddess Ambra is the newly married wife. She walk into the room & look into Her rich husbands eyes, telling him that the reason why She have married him is his money & She will never find him attractive, therefore She will never kiss or have sex with him. She keep teasing him with Her round ass & sexy hips, even more tormenting him with Her cleavage! Goddess Ambra is amused by the look on his face, about how aroused he is by Her sex appeal & hot body.

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Princess Trixie Banks

He won’t be home for a while anyways since he’s at work. I guess now would be the perfect time so why don’t you pull down your pants.  The warm soft feeling of slipping I to me is clouding your brain.  You’re so consumed by the idea of me that you don’t even care that my husband could walk in right now lol.  Your big sticky load would look so good all over my face, but it would look even better on my ass huh?

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Lady Ruby Onyx

I just love taking full advantage of hubby going away for the weekend! I always ensure that I have a nice big cock lined up to come and pleasure me. Whilst he does his thing, I do mine! It’s only worth the risk when I know the alpha cock I am going to receive dwarfs my hubby’s little weaner! Enjoy watching me salivate over this huge cock! I take him in my mouth and in my pussy, whilst enjoying that all important stretch! I take a short break to measure the shear size of him before getting straight back to fucking action and receiving an epic creampie!

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Princess Ceara Lynch

I went out with some old friends from high school for some drinks and I came home very late. Immediately my husband is on my case wondering “where I’ve been” and “why I’m home so late.” I explain it was just with my GIRL friends, but he can see in my lustful eyes that I’m lying. We can’t build a strong marriage without honesty, so I confess that I was actually hanging out with a couple old boyfriends from school. It was all very innocent with a little flirting, but after those few drinks, I found myself playing tickle fights with them back in their hotel room. I just couldn’t help myself as I was being manhandled by my hunky ex-boyfriends and soon enough we were on the bed and fucking like we did under the bleachers at football games. I can see how jealous he is as I tell him how they pleasured me like the good ol’ days, the rage boiling in his red face, but I know even more how turned on he is as I divulge every juicy detail of my night with the boys…

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Spoilt Princess Grace

Tonight is date night! Do you like what I’m wearing? Super hot yes? Well, it’s not for you, you tiny cocked worm, you see my heel, it’s bigger than your cock. and I’m sick of it, it’s nothing, it gives me no satisfaction. So I’m going out with my ex. If you’re not happy with this you an fuck off, there’s the door so just fuck off, so you’re still here, you can worship my boots as I tell you what we will be doing tonight. Kiss and lick my boots slave, that right slave! I’m going to be fucked properly tonight, in a big bed, in so many positions. Accept your new place as I explain what will happen with you from now on, and yes it will include your wallet. Wow, I’m creamy and wet just thinking about it and talking about it.

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