Daily Fix: February 28th 2024 – Featured Ignore Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Allie Eve Knox

Goddess Allie Eve Knox have a lot to do today so She need to get ready. She don’t have time to put up with you so don’t bother Her. You can sit on the floor and watch while Goddess Allie Eve Knox get ready and brush Her teeth. Don’t make a peep though. She don’t want to remember that you are there. You are welcome.

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Mistress Karina

Only a complete tool would buy this clip. I was taking a break, between shooting, then remembered idiots like you will happily pay Me to literally just exist, so I turned on the camera while I relax in bed in my 5* hotel room watching TV. You deserve this content more than clips where I actually address you. Being ignored is all you’re worthy of, but the middle finger at the beginning and the couple of moments where I glance over at the camera are probably enough to make a LOSER like you jizz your pants!! But try surviving till the end, as I have a special message just for you!

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Princess Ceara Lynch

Nothing could be better in this world than serving at my feet. I can do whatever I want without a care, and my lowly little foot slave will silently remain unnoticed. I took off one sock before I got lost in texting with my current fuckboy. Completely distracted and listening to music with soundproof headphones, ignoring every aspect of your existence as you gaze upon the soles of my feet. Your mind wanders imagining what they look like both nude, drawing an exact mirror image of my perfectly bare foot. Maybe I’ll get around to peeling off my other sock. I’m perfectly comfortable leaving you trapped in this limbo. Helplessly ignored as I flirt with boys right in front of you. While my world continues, yours is frozen in the moment until that other sock comes off…

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Spoilt Princess Grace

On your knees slave, watch as I tease you while I ignore you in this clip. I’m wearing shiny leather pants, a lovely top with my wonderful red-bottom shoes. Worship Me as I tease you with amazing views of my high-heel soles, drool at my divine heels as I dangle my expensive luxury high heels right before you. Admire My stunning Princess ass covered in shiny leather, as I relax and tease your eyes on my bed. I revel in my element, as I sprawl on the bed crossing my stunning legs, worshipping my refinement as My shoes balance on my delectable toes slave. Prey to my Magnificence.

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Goddess Lexi

You know you’re in love with Me when you don’t even need to hear My voice. You simply sit there and admire My beauty and My body. Sometimes this is exactly what you need to worship Me properly. To get lost in your own train of thoughts without Me telling you what to think. Simply just observing your own thoughts, getting lost in a trance and listening to the meditative music as you watch My long sexy elegant body move. There’s a pure sense of joy you get out of seeing Me being pampered and relaxing on your dime. Watching My body seductively elongate as I slowly and sensually tease you. Let your mind go and simply observe your thoughts as you watch Me do the same.

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