Daily Fix: March 19th 2024 – Featured Foot Smelling Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Lady Toro

Lady Toro really appreciate you helping Her move, even though She don’t have any money to offer. She is so ready to get out of these sneakers already! There’s sooo sweaty.. and there you go staring again. You think Lady Toro never noticed you staring at Her feet at work? It’s so obvious that you have a foot fetish. And now that She think of it, She know exactly how She can repay you. Go ahead and smell Her feet, She will even let you jerk off to them. She bet you’ve always fantasized about this so here’s you chance.

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Miss Feet Wonders

We’ve just got back from a party. I have been wearing my flats, and dancing all night, which of course makes my feet very sweaty… We both enjoy smelling my feet.

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Lady Victoria Valente

If I wore my leather sandals for a long time, my feet smelled very strongly of the leather sandals. Today I’ll show you my heels sandals and my feet. I take off my sandals and sniff the front of the shoe. Then you should sniff the front of my sandal shoes! My nylon soles follow! Sniff my leather soles! My tights are very fine and they have a very nice shine! Masturbate while sniffing my scented feet! Squirt hot while you have the scent of my leather soles in your nose!

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Mistress Enola

As Mistress Enola, I often find myself stating a simple truth: “Once a loser, always a loser.” To those who are entranced by the allure of feet, who find themselves drawn to the potent scent of well-worn, damp socks, my words may resonate deeply. It’s a peculiar fascination, one that my obedient servant knows all too well. His devotion to feet, particularly to the rich aroma of my socks, is something I both understand and cater to. In my eyes, he’s a perpetual loser, a title he wears with an odd sort of pride. His life revolves around the pleasure derived from my feet. And who am I not to indulge such a unique craving? With a practiced ease, I administer an overwhelming dose of my foot scent, pressing my sweat-drenched socks against his face. This ensures he’s constantly immersed in the essence he so craves. As he inhales deeply, I can’t help but remind him of his place – how utterly worthless and pathetic he is, how his existence is defined by his submission to my will and whims. It’s a dynamic we both relish, each in our own twisted way.

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Miss Amy

I’ve just come home from a sweaty workout at the gym. I make you lick my trainers clean. Then I remove them so you can sniff my sweaty socks and then worship my feet.

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