Daily Fix: March 18th 2024 – Featured Super Heroines Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Lady Mesmeratrix

Lady Mesmeratrix have the superpower to make you do what Sh want, just mesmerizing you while you are stroking your cock. You just have to follow Her instructions and in a while you fall in Her erotic spiral..more sleeepy more horny… Lady Mesmeratrix is the super heroin and wonder woman of your dreams!

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Princess Ellie Idol

The Flash (you) overhears Wonder Woman having a conversation. She’s going on about her hookups with the top superheroes and how disappointing those encounters have been. Confident in your ability to rock her world, you approach her with your proposition. She’s a beauty, and you’ve always admired her strength and those beautiful muscles of hers. WW doubts you could keep up with her but is very curious. You’re cute, so she wants to put forth a challenge for you. If you can last 5 minutes with her jerking you off, you can fuck her. BUT! There’s a but! You will be jerked the whole 5 minutes whether you cum early or not. If you should fail, you’ll be her slave for an entire year. Since you have a stupid name, Wonder Woman will call you her “kitten” instead. Are you ready? Will you win a chance to prove yourself in bed? Or will this end embarrassingly with you coming in a FLASH? Don’t think she’s going to go easy on you! She knows how much you love her biceps so she’s going to use them to her advantage. She has to put you to the test and see if you’re worthy after all! 😉

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Mistress Madalynn Raye

Good afternoon sir, what is the reason I am in your office today? Filing some records? Scheduling some meetings? You’re not going to ask me out again area you? You know how the last dozen attempts went… You’re just not my type. Oh! I WILL go on a date with you? Why? Huh… So you found out I was UltraGirl? Good for you, I’m not here to deny it. But just because you know my little secret doesn’t mean you can manipulate me to do what you want. Here, let me just undo my white blouse and reveal that nice blue lame leotard. This is what you’ve been aching for. Remove my black strappy heels and pull out those boots. This meeting is not going accordingly… I’ve taken the upper hand and have no fear of you. You’re going to be my bitch now! Just because I’m on the good side in public doesn’t mean that I don’t have a mean streak. And you’re going to feel my wrath. Are you ready to worship my UltraGirl boots? Get on your knees! And when I’m done fighting crime and come back to office, maybe I’ll let you worship and suck the sweat out of these pantyhose feet of mine. I temp you with further scenarios and agree to that date with you, peel my boots off again and tease you with my perfect nylon covered body. So here you are, my little slave. I’m here to take what I want from you!

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Goddess Gwen

Madam marvel Goddess Gwen is here to make you queer! You are going to learn to suck dick and take dick for Madam marvel! You are already hard from staring at my strikingly sexy body in this tight shiny catstuit, we will just transition this energy into a more bi curious kind! I’l train your mouth and boy pussy to be taken by alpha cocks at my discretion. You will be my play thing, I will have trains run on that boy pussy and you will learn to love every minute of it!

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Miss Eva

We’re coworkers, I just found out you’re obsessed with supergirl and guess what? It’s your lucky day! My super tits and super ass will own you from now on, beta.

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