Daily Fix: March 20th 2024 – Featured Foot Licking Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Crystal Knight

Get on your knees and suck on the toes of Goddess Crystal Knight. Lick Her feet while jerking. Submit to the view of Her divine soles in your face as She dominate you. She tell you to lick them, kiss them, and submit to them. She own your cock with Her superior soles. Goddess Crystal Knight make you cum harder than anyone as you have all my toes in your mouth. It’s a luxury to lucky Her feet, so get ready to suck Her toes like a good bitch.

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Goddess Seira

As a Goddess, I relish in the power I hold over My slaves, and there is no better way to assert My dominance than to have them groveling at My feet. I demand total submission and obedience from My slaves, and I make sure they are always aware of their place beneath Me. My slaves are nothing but mere objects for Me to use and abuse as I please, and I take great pleasure in having them tied up and helpless while they worship My perfect feet. Every moment spent beneath My feet is a reminder of their inferiority and My superiority, and I revel in the knowledge that I am in complete control. 

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Mistress Youko

Mistress Youko uses one of her foot fetish slaves as her footrest while he is enjoying a drink and reading a book.  The footrest doesn’t deserve her attention, but it needs to obey the Mistress.  When she commands a foot massage or consistent foot worshipping, the human furniture has to keep doing it until the Mistress stop. Watch Mistress Youko’s beautiful Japanese bare feet, next time you have to be the furniture! 

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Goddess Kyaa

In a suit and tie, my corporate gimp is strapped to a table face up to be used as my boot licker. While I lounge with my long legs dangling off the couch, my boot heels just in reach of his greedy tongue, you can see how eagerly he licks the dirt from my boots. All men are but objects for my pleasure. This particular specimen is honored to clean my leather boots and steel stilettos tonight.  I finish him off with a couple of hard slaps and leave him bound and waiting for whatever torment I think of next…

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Miss Eva

You can’t tell me no, the moment you lay eyes on me you’ll do whatever I tell you to. Nothing makes me laugh more than bullying you and making you do nasty things for me, and you want to amuse me, don’t you?

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