Wednesday August 5th 2015

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Violet Doll


Violet Doll has some new clips out that are going to make your head spin. In this new clip on iWantClips Shut Up and Spend She teases you to the max with Her cleavage and bitchy mind. She knows you are worthless and only good for spending. She teases you til you cave and give into Her demands. It doesn’t take long.




Jasmine Mendez


Jasmine Mendez and a friend were kicking some serious ass today in Her new clip on Clips4Sale Knockouts Galore! They were brutal as They beat on Their human punching bag, sitting on his face and putting him in a scissor hold he will never forget.


Brittany Marie


Brittany Marie knows you have a total crush on Her and She going to make you pay for it. She teases you with Her bare ass in Her new clip #WomanCrushWednesday on Kinkbomb. She teases you about Her body that you will never get and shows off Her perfect ass in heels.




London Lix


My Forever slave is London Lix’s new clip on Clips4Sale and every submissive man’s dream. To be owned by such a perfect divine Goddess like London would take a lot sacrifice and servitude. Are you going to up to the challenge?




Bratty Nikki


Bratty Nikki is too good for you. She doesn’t have to pay you any attention to get your money. She just has to sit there looking hot and you eat it up. Buy Her new clip on iWantClips Ignored by a Hot Snobby Bitch. 


She looked so classy and stunning on a date night with Her man before She left for another vacation! How does She get work done when She’s on vacation every other day??

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