Clip Review: Your Wife is My Lesbian Slave – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane

by Michael Smith
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Your Wife is my Lesbian slave

You’ve been far too careless with your online browsing and content and now your wife has not only discovered your obsession with the beautiful and alluring Goddess Kayla Jane, but she’s also fallen under her spell! Sit back and listen as Goddess Kayla explains the journey your wife has taken behind your back, slowly moving from watching clips you had saved, to contacting Goddess Kayla, and finally becoming her personal slavegirl.  That’s right, your wife is worshiping and pleasuring the woman you could only ever dream of being this intimate with!


Dressed in sexy black lacy lingerie and stunning heels, Goddess Kayla explains in great detail how easy it was to enslave your wife and turn her into a lustful little submissive slut for her amusement and pleasure.  With a snap of her fingers, your wife became a pussy eating, ass licking slavegirl for the woman you’ve jerked off to and dreamed of serving for years.  Want to know what’s most ironic? Goddess Kayla wants you to join your wife next time she comes over to worship her.  No, not in the way you might wish for.  While your wife has the privilege of tasting your Goddess, you’ll be in a chastity device and sitting in the corner whimpering as you watch what you’ll never have! Enjoy your new life as a cuckolded husband as your wife becomes a full-time slave to the one and only Goddess Kayla Jane. 

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Clip Name: Your Wife is My Lesbian Slave
Models In The Clip: Goddess Dannii Harwood
Date Reviewed: August 5th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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