Sunday September 20th 2015

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Bratty Bunny


It’s Bratty Bunny’s Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Princess!

So, in honor of Her Birthday She released a new clip on iWantClips called Birthday Goddess Femdom. It has a greedy price on it because it’s like a present for Her. More money.


Why wouldn’t you want to spoil this Goddess and put a smile on Her face??!! Go buy Her a present and say you are sorry for being late! Click on the pic above for Her Amazon Wish List

Haven The Great


Haven The Great and beautiful posted a new clip to Her iWantClips store today. Armpit Worship, what more beautiful armpits to worship. As you are licking them clean, be sure to keep your eyes focused on your tongue, not Her nipples that are poking out through Her baggy grey tank top. They may be about to stab your eye but pay no attention to Them, focus on your task, pervert.


Princess Sheridan


Could you just imagine if Princess Sheridan was your co-worker? you would never be able to focus or concentrate on tasks in the office. you would never get your job done! Well She’s sick of you not pulling your weight and She knows what will help you focus again. Sexy Co-Worsker Lets you Jerk Off is just that. She gives you a sexy little tease and lets you jerk off to Her.

Now get back to work you pervert!!


Princess Kaelin


Princess Wants a Puppy! is Princess Kaelins new clip on iWantClips. She knows She would be a responsible pet owner too. She tells you all about the care She take. Getting it a collar and tags, crate training it and getting it neutered. But She doesn’t want to have to really take care of a real puppy, so She decides it’s best for you to be Her puppy instead! Lucky dog!

Now go obey your Master


Mandy Flores


your life is in Mandy Flores’ hands in Her new clip on Kinkbomb Eternal Chastity: Executrix. She locks your pathetic cock up and leads you out into the dessert for one last final tease as you dig your own grave. Don’t worry, She will fill the hole back up, with you, locked up tight, in it. you are going to die a locked up chastity slave as you should be.


Vikki Lynn


Can you even handle this much shiny? Oh of course you can! you are a true shiny junkie! Go get your new fix of both shiny and the perfect Goddess Vikki Lynn is Her new clip Seductive Mesmerizing Shiny Fetish Worship on Clips4Sale. you will be a drooling puddle by the time She is done with you. After She has teased you to edge and beyond. Until She’s bored with you and your wallet is empty.


Kelly Sunshine


It happens. Kelly Sunshine lost your chastity  cage keys. Oh well, you’ll be fine. Just live the life you were meant to live anyway. Never getting to cum again. you will get used to it, eventually, unless you have a cruel girlfriend like Kelly who will just tease you to the max everyday until you just explode or something.

Go buy I Lost your Keys from Her iWantClips store, maybe there a clue to where they are in the clip!


Princess Vixen


Big natural soft jiggly boobs are the best. They are fun to play with (not that you would know) but you do know they are fun to watch someone play with them lol. And thats exactly what Princess Vixen does in Her new clip Addicting Cleavage on iWantClips. She rolls around on Her bed shaking, jiggling, squishing and taunting you with Her luscious boobs just to make you weak and stupid for Her. Now go spend!


Goddess Amiee


Stupid for Double Layers is Goddess Amiee’s new clip on Clips4Sale. She knows your weakness for stockings so She decides to double your weakness tonight and make you double stupid. She gyrates Her round ass in your face and you helplessly wank away for Her.


Make-up fetish anyone??

Violet Doll


Violet Doll has posted a few new hot clips this week to Her iWantClips store. Have you seen them??! She absolutely incredible in them! The one above is Cha-Ching! Go complete it’s task and make your Princess happy.


Can you even believe someone as hot as Her would even mention your dick?? She does, but of course She’s making fun of it in Tiny Prick JOI

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