Clip Review: We’re Too Hot For You – Featuring Lady Nina Leigh, Goddess Jasmine & Goddess Lindsey Leigh

by Michael Smith
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Any one of the gorgeous Domme trio of Lady Nina Leigh, Goddess Jasmine and Goddess Lindsey Leigh could reduce a slave to a whimpering mess on their own.  Each is capable of breaking a man’s ego and humiliating them by pointing out how utterly out of their league they are thinking they might actually impress a Goddess as beautiful as they are.  Now try to imagine how devastating it would be to have all three of these incredible beauties pointing out each and every one of your deficiencies as a man.  Now you have a sense of the type of abject humiliation that awaits you in this clip. 
You hate how easily you are convinced to worship women too beautiful and dominant to ever consider you as a worthy male, but you can’t resist them.  The three perfect Dommes in this clip are maneaters and they will break you down and leave you helpless and vulnerable as you wish you were man enough to be with any one of them.  Dream on loser! All you can do is pump that cock in your fist and listen as Lady Nina, Goddess Jasmine and Goddess Lindsey tell you all the ways you are inadequate and how pathetic you are.  This is an exceptional humiliation clip you’ll want to add to your collection.  Rare is the opportunity to see such perfect beauty together as this clip brings you.  Enjoy it while they enjoy taking your money and telling you what a pathetic loser you really are!

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Clip Name: We’re Too Hot For You
Date Reviewed: September 20th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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