Monday September 21st 2015

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Bratty Bunny


Since it’s Princess Bunny’s Birthday we will featured two days in a row. Who doesn’t love love this Girl?! (Go play in traffic if you don’t)

She was kind enough to keep addicts addicted as She celebrated more on Her Birthday and upload Ass Addicting Bubble Butt to Her iWantClips store.


Now go buy Her a present for Her Birthday if you haven’t already. If have, then buy Her TWO more! Click on Her pic above for Her Amazon Wish List

Maxxyne Payne


Maxxyne Payne updated Her Clips4Sale store with Her new clip I Spoil you. And from the looks of it She does! Look at Her perfect body She lets you worship. Her brilliant mind She entertains your dick with, Her pure beauty that penetrates your soul. you most defiantly are spoiled. So go balance the universe and give Her EVERYFUCKINGTHING you have.

It’s simple. you’re welcome


Jasmine Mendez


Goddess Jasmines ass over powers Her slave in Her newest clip on Clips4Sale Face Sitting with Leopard Print Leggings. Her ass completely smothers his face as he begs Her for a breath. he is denied over and over and only allowed to breath Her scent in.


Goddess Lindsey


Ass Draining part 3 is pretty straight forward. you are an ass junkie. you get weak when you see a hot demanding girl with a nice booty. She teases you, mocks you and tells you how to stroke it as She takes your money. you will be too busy stroking and drooling to notice.

Go buy Her clip from Her iWantClips store!


Macey Jade


Macey Jade is such a cruel brat. She looks so hot and does such an amazing job verbally tearing whats left of your ‘cock’  to shreds. your ego will die with your cock’s dignity in Mocking your Tiny Penis Her new clip on iWantClips


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