Saturday September 19th 2015

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Bratty Nikki


She should just change Her name to Greedy Nikki because She has got to be one of the greediest brats out there! All She ever does is demand money. And losers line up on their knees to pay and She knows it! Go buy My Tits Like your Ca$h from Her iWantClips store and give Her/Them what She likes best! CA$H!


She didn’t stop with just tits though. She kept going and produced another draining clip for Her ass junkies. Thong Bikini Ass Worship will have any ass addict throwing their cash at Her on command from the first frame.

Lady Nina Leigh

forefeiting your orgasm gif

The Sacred Orgasm is Lady Nina Leighs new clip on Clips4Sale. She doesn’t believe you should get an orgasm today so She’s going to have one for you. She’s going to take your chance at having one and laugh in your face as you cry about it. Then She will drain your wallet as sit there weeping.


Goddess Jasmine


Goddess Jasmine posted a new clip in Her Kinkbomb store today. In Hopelessly Addicted to Me She goes over a few straight forward facts with you as She flaunts Her perfect body on your computer screen, making you even more hopeless and addicted.


Goddess Jasmine got to Dubai today to celebrate Her birthday on Sunday!

Mistress Nikita


Mistress Nikita has Her slutty little slave strip down and then coats him hot wax, just his cock. Then what better object for target practice for Her whip than a wax coated dick. Watch it all unfold in Slut Wax MP4 on Clips4Sale


Princess Ashley


Princess Ashley knows your weakness for shiny. Shiny dresses, shiny bikinis, shiny panties, shiny anything. And She takes your fetish and exploits it to the max constantly. Constantly pushing your finances, constantly pushing your will and you love it. you can’t get enough. you always cave and give into Her every greedy demand.

Buy Slut for Shiny today on iWantClips


While you are there pick up Her other addictive clips. Like this 2nd new clip from Her today Write Me a Story, Sissy

Ceara Lynch


Ceara Lynch can see you cock getting hard for Her and She has plans for your bulge today. In Her new clip Throb on Clips4Sale that’s exactly what your cock is going to do. Once you see Her beauty and start submitting to Her demands to stoke and stop, your cock will only be able to throb. you will be thanking Her in the end and begging for more. And it will amuse Her


Spoiled Bianca


Spoiled Bianca graced Her minions with a new clip today in Her iWantClips store. In Maxed Out Credit Cards She talks in depth about draining your credit cards, putting you debt and how She has no remorse for it. She would do it again and again. Submit and give Her all your cash like a good little paypig.


Brittany Marie


Brittany Marie is going to make you squirt your little balls dry then She has plans for your little white worship puddle once you think you are done, but its really just the beginning for you in Her new clip BUTTercream on iWantClips


Amyleen Moore


Amyleen was generous to Her little foot boys today as She posted this foot worship clip to Her iWantClips store. In Foot Craving She knows your desire for feet runs deep. So deep it controls you, every thought every action. She is here to curb that edge for you a bit as you are placed at Her feet an made to worship Them.


Hex Kitten


Hex Kitten released a new hypnotic mind altering MP3 on Kinkbomb today. She gives you plenty of warning that this shouldn’t be taken lightly and it will cause serious side effects. But you crave those side effects and seek them out from the enchanting Goddess.

Run along and buy Enchanted Deepener Loop and get yourself highly addicted to Her


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