Clip Review: Leather Addict For Lindsey – Featuring Goddess Lindsey Leigh

by Michael Smith
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Her presence captivates your attention from the moment she walks on screen.  Draped in tight black leather, Goddess Lindsey is a vision that would bring any man to his knees.  Leather fetish? If you didn’t have one before buying this clip, you surely will after viewing Goddess as she teases and seduces you into absolute devotion to your fetish. 
Stroke for her.  Be a good pet and surrender to your leather fetish and let Goddess Lindsey own you for it.  Look at the way the leather clings to her perfect curves and feel the weakness wash over you.  Reach out and moan her name and admit that you’re nothing more than a leather loving slut for your Goddess.  She is one of the most seductive and dominant Goddesses you’ll ever serve, and in this clip, Goddess Lindsey Leigh is a remarkably tempting Leather Queen.  Enjoy having your fetish taken over and being wrapped around Goddess Lindsey’s little finger.  She will take you deeper than you could ever have dreamed. 

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Clip Name: Leather Addict For Lindsey
Models In The Clip: Goddess Lindsey Leigh
Date Reviewed: September 21st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $17.99

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