Feature Interview: Princess Lacey

by Michael Smith
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I may still be recovering from the experience of absolute temptation and total seduction I was privileged enough to enjoy in interviewing the gorgeous Princess Lacey.  She is a seductive and controlling temptress and within seconds she will wrap you around her finger tightly and never let go.  Enjoy this incredibly erotic Princess and when you’ve finished drooling your way through reading the interview, be sure to spoil your new addiction in every way possible.

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slaveboysmith: Today, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome the wickedly sexy Princess Lacey for a long overdue feature interview. Princess, it is a privilege to be in your presence.

Princess Lacey: Yes it truly is. You owe me for taking so long to ask me for this interview slaveboy.

sbs: I have to confess to somehow not having “discovered” you until quite recently Princess. I don’t know how that happened, but now that I have, my god you are quite the Domme!

PL: I am pretty sure a lot of boys discovered me after AVN. I have been around for like ever but I hadn’t met up with many other Dommes until recently at Fetcon and AVN.

sbs: That was the story for me. Princess Nikki had me reporting on the amazing times taking place in Vegas and you were one of the Dommes she mentioned. From there, well, my interest has grown. I envision you being featured more and more on my blog, as you were today with an amazing Ladies Choice feature. Some sizzling clips in there!

PL: Yes I got some amazing clips done at AVN, but honestly you slaves were rarely on my mind! I was having way too much fun with all the beautiful ladies!

sbs: That seems more than fair given the exceptional company you were keeping. Many of those Dommes have been featured on my blog and I can attest to the fact that they are incredible. As I have asked them, let me begin by asking what your backstory is as to how you began as a Domme, Princess Lacey.

PL: Okay, it’s a simple story about my true love for shoes. I was in an AOL chat room maybe 12 years ago now, had just missed out on an awesome pair of shoes on eBay and at the same time this guy was just posting in the chat. He wants me to stand on him for money. I wanted the shoes and loved the idea, so I hit him up. I was probably too young haha but this is when I learned about the fetish industry 😉

sbs: That’s a rather unique beginning. And from there, did you continue doing live sessions? When did that lead to videos and financial domination? How young are we talking by the way? lol

PL: Well, I was 15 going on 16 when I saw this idiot posting on AOL. He actually did come through with the shoes. I continued to use him dry, literally into bankruptcy. I then realized this is a true passion of mine. I love owning men! He made me realize this back in the MySpace days, and I started from there. After a little while I talked to another loser who suggested doing clips and I have just taken off from there! Oh and that loser still serves me.

sbs: So I guess you knew from a very young age the power you hold over men then? We were chatting before the interview and I mentioned that I’m a teacher. I can only imagine how difficult you made life for your teachers back then!

PL: Hahaha, another funny story from my younger years! I actually had this real pathetic fucker come to me for a session. This was actually at my parent’s house (seriously). He loved to be whipped and nipple clamped, some real fucked up shit. The funny thing is, I knew who this person was but not until he showed his ugly face at my door. Turns out it was my math teacher’s BROTHER! Let’s just say I was for sure getting an “A”.

sbs: Oh my god! I knew you were a seriously wicked girl but I’m learning today that I even underestimated you lol. Okay, so aside from making older men into your play toys, and draining them financially and emotionally, what other fetishes truly inspire you, Princess?

PL: We can address you calling me a girl later, little boy. My favorite fetish from the start has been trampling. I love feeling a boy helpless under my feet. I think it is all about power with me, because with most fetishes I do, I love the power exchange. Forced bi; I love making boys suck a dick just to please me. Foot worship; you are down at the lowest part of my body. And financial domination is all about money money money… I mean power, power, power I could probably go on and on haha.

sbs: Realizing my terrible mistake, my apologies Princess. You are so much younger than I am, yet in total control. Please accept my humble apology Princess.

PL: I am sure you will make it up to me, right?

sbs: Yes Princess, of course. You mentioned previously your time in Las Vegas and I know that many of your clips featured some other amazing Dommes in today’s Ladies Choice feature. Any particular Dommes you wish to give a shout out to that you’ve particularly enjoyed interacting with of late?

PL: Everyone was so wonderful! We’re all super sweet to each other. It’s you slaves that get our bitchy sides! The girls I filmed with there were all a breeze to be with, we all fed off each other with such ease. I love them all! I really clicked with Kelly Sunshine. But seriously I loved all the girls I met. I feel like if I try to name them all I will leave some out, there were that many amazing Dommes there.

sbs: Well I have to confess, when Princess Nikki demanded that I follow the festivities and report on it through my blog, it was a privilege to do so. I can only imagine Vegas must have been the hotspot of the universe while you Ladies were there.

PL: You are pretty lucky that Princess Nikki let you report on it. It was the hottest place on the fucking planet. But enough about parties and such, let’s get back to my favorite topic, me!

sbs: I’m very lucky to serve Princess Nikki any time she wishes. It is not a privilege I take lightly 🙂 Yes, that is a topic I enjoy more and more as well, Princess. Whether it’s in person, or online, how do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?

PL: It is really hard to tell honestly. I feel like time is the only true measure. With so many slaves they can be the most submissive, broken little bitch in the world one day. Then a little shit the next day. To be truly broken and to give up all control just takes a lot of time. When a boy is a good little slave for a long time, I can call him broken and in my grasp.

sbs: I can imagine that must be a remarkable place for a slave to exist in…powerless and completely under your spell. You really are quite a remarkably sexy Princess. I’m just beginning to learn and experience your power and it’s intoxicating.

PL: I always believe that once a boy starts to chat with me and interact with me that it is only a matter of time until they learn how amazing I am. Then it becomes very, very hard to resist me.

sbs: I would have to agree with that since I am sitting here and can’t stop thinking about you and looking through your Twitter feed and clipstores. Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person, or outside the dungeon context if they’ve seen you in person?

PL: Honestly, there was only one creepy encounter that I can recall. It was at Whole Foods a few years ago and just the weirdest, ugliest loser came up to me and could barely say, i…iii…I think I know you from the internet…Pppppprrinnnessss. Like EWH! Not the time, or place for that type of loser! Had it been one of my regulars though, down on the ground kissing my feet and paying for my groceries, NOW! 😉

sbs: I can imagine how intimidating it must be to be in your presence. I’m nervous just interviewing you online like this lol. You have quite a commanding presence. Speaking of your loyal worshipers, and those who hope to become such, how may a slave make a positive impression upon you? Do you prefer cash tributes, gifts, clipsales or a combination of all of the above?

PL: If you ever want to just surprise me, a gift card to amazon or a tribute on any of my site stores works perfect. But if you are serious and can get to the point fast, what I want changes so often. I might want a Southwest giftcard for a trip with my man. I could want vegas.com for next AVN. It changes depending on my mood. But like I said, I rarely get mad about tributes coming in though. Oh and clips don’t count as tributes unless I say. That is a huge pet peeve. “But I buy all your clips.” Yeah you get clips for that idiot.

sbs: That seems more than fair, Princess. Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview, and any that will no doubt crawl to your feet after reading this and wish to serve you?

PL: I have been doing this for a while (I still remember Dungeon 9, inside ref.) So don’t waste my time. If you can’t, or won’t tribute, you won’t get anything from me. If you can’t handle that don’t try to serve a Findom. Oh and be honest with me. If there is one thing I can’t stand it is fucking liars. If you’re a good, honest, loyal slave you will be rewarded but do not fuck with me because I can, and love to, destroy the lives of these pathetic losers. But seriously I am super sweet haha.

sbs: Very sweet, lol. One final question if I may before concluding the interview, Princess?

PL: You may.

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, rather than online, how would it end?

PL: With you on your knees, your lips on my feet, and my greedy fingers picking out 100’s from your wallet. If you had enough 100’s, maybe your lips could meet my perfect ass.

sbs: Oh god! I’d make sure I had enough to experience that exquisite privilege. Your ass is remarkable, Princess! You are remarkable. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to these questions. I have no doubt this feature will be hugely popular 🙂

PL: You are quite the lucky and humble little servant. And you are very welcome 🙂

If you’re in need of a cold shower, you’re not alone! Instead, visit every link below and begin to plan how you can enrich the life of this beautiful, sexy Princess.  Give in to her completely and you will understand what true addiction feels like!

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