Feature Interview: Goddess Barbie

by Michael Smith
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Before the interview had even begun, Goddess Barbie contacted me on Skype and suggested viewing her on cam.  I hadn’t expected any video in requesting the interview, but Goddess insisted that she wanted me to see her before we began.  The instant she appeared on camera I understood her motivation! To say I was a little distracted throughout the interview would be an understatement, as I tried to put aside images of those perfect long legs that go forever, those spectacular breasts that make me ache deep inside with desire, and that gorgeous face that is just about to say “you can’t have me” for the first of many times.  Long after we began messaging for the interview, and the camera was turned off, I was still aching with Goddess Barbie’s image in mind.  Enjoy all her images here in this feature, imagine how easily she could enslave you as you read her enticing responses, and then do as any man would do in your condition, fall to your knees and spoil this stunning, statuesque Goddess as she commands you to.



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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the absolutely stunning Goddess Barbie. Goddess, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.

Goddess Barbie: Absolutely Bratty Nikki said you were legit. I’m new on the online scene so I have to be very aware of time wasters lol.

sbs: Well I’ve made a mental note to say a very big thank you to Princess Nikki next time I’m messaging with her. She told me I’d find you irresistible and I have to say in the short time I’ve interacted with you, that’s most definitely the case. From my interactions with you, it is very evident you control men with ease. Has that always been the case?

GB: It has! I’ve been spoiled by men since the day I was born. It started with my Dad, then boys in school that I made do my homework, carry my bags, buy me lunch, then into my legal age years wrapping multiple slaves around my finger with such ease it’s was hilarious. I completely understand my power over men, my superiority and their willingness to submit so easily to me and I don’t ever expect it to stop.

sbs: So would you definitely say you’re naturally dominant then? How does that impact on your relationships with men? Do you have trouble finding men for a relationship that can handle your dominant side, or do you prefer to date a man who will submit to you…not as a slave, perhaps.

GB: Yes I am naturally dominant, I mean come on I’m a 5’10” real life barbie doll with 34ddd tits and am 6’4″ in heels which I never leave home without, I own men. Men don’t even have the balls to approach me, they only stare like creepers even the hot ones lol…if a guy does approach me lets say at a bar completely shitfaced I still know they are probably a crazy person. I am attracted to dominant confident men, if you are the jealous type you can fuck off. The guys I’m into understand how lucky and blessed they are to be with me, can handle themselves in any situation and again I repeat not jealous! I’m bisexual and usually always have a girlfriend and boyfriend so both need to understand their roles…serving me! So easy right? And yes he must be willing to submit, dominant or not, I run the show.

sbs: Sorry I had a little difficulty composing myself. You would certainly overwhelm most men and women! I can imagine it would take a very special type of person to be able to handle being in a relationship with you, and they’d be a very lucky person at that. So given that 99% of the men in this world would be more likely to be your slave than your boyfriend, is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you, Goddess? Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

GB: It’s so funny now that I’m dealing with these subbies online, there are so many different types. There are a lot of fake or wannabe pay pigs especially where as when I was dealing with these losers in person there was none of that shit. They knew their place and obeyed. Online financial domination is like the wild west you have to be very selective about who you spend your time on and be very clear on what you want because everyone is clawing for your time and my time is priceless. The slaves that are drawn to me vary soooo much! I get just about everything. Being a smoking hot blonde I fit into everybody’s fetishes and I understand their need to submit and be owned by me so I have all different types of slaves. Of course all of them have one thing in common…they are spending a lot of money on me each and everyday #barbierequirement

sbs: I’m sure you have men crawling to you constantly with a wide array of fetishes they wish to explore. Beyond financial domination, which is obviously most important, what are some other fetishes you enjoy, Goddess?

GB: I love all femdom! Roleplay, my way of course, cuckold bitches, forced bi, forced intox, sph, tease and denial, ball busting, chastity, cum control, home wrecking, blackmail, toilet bitches, foot fetish, the list goes on and on…oh and did I mention pure mean humiliation hahaha my fave. I really like the hypno stuff and would like to learn more. I’m always looking for inspiration on how I can use and abuse losers to the max.

sbs: For someone relatively new to online domination, you’re learning fast and you seem to have a lot of interests to play with, Goddess. You mentioned Princess Nikki earlier. Have you found any other Dommes who have played a role in helping you get started, or who have been an inspiration to you?

GB: Princess Nikki is my main boss bitch, I absolutely adore her! She is truly an inspiration as one of the top dommes and I am very lucky to have her as my mentor, the way she uses losers is truly an art form! She is friends with most of the other badass top dommes and I’m grateful she gave me validity and I was able to break into the online domme scene as a baby domme. I absolutely adore @MandyLovesMoney, I might be in love with Goddess Jessica, Lindsey Leigh is smoking hot and super entertaining, Mistress B is my hero, Ceara Lynch is beyond amazing and Princess Breanna is perfection…what can I say I adore them all and they deserve everything. I love the fact that bad ass bitches actually try to help you out when they can instead of regular ass boring vanilla cunts always talking shit and hating. I am very blessed that Princess Nikki broke me in online and introduced me to her circle of these beautiful ladies.

sbs: Well you’re in some very fine company. I’ve had the privilege of featuring some of the Dommes you mentioned, and others to come in the future, hopefully. I don’t think you’re alone in being in love with Goddess Jessica lol.

GB: Right?! Holy fuck! Nikki’s my bratty bitch though 😉 I love her.

sbs: She is absolutely amazing, and I believe my blog speaks to the level of addiction I’m at when it comes to the Divine Goddess. Princess Nikki is absolutely stunning and is a perfect financial Domme. Someone tweeted about how she had the best breasts on Twitter. I have to say, you and her may be in competition with you both being absolutely amazing!

GB: I can’t wait to meet them in person and shoot with them, I know I can learn so much! Our tits are deadly weapons, put us together, pure destruction.

sbs: I can imagine! Wallets draining and men drooling in your wake when you two get together. Okay back to speaking of your adoring slaves, how can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you? Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

GB: It happens very fast! Once they earn the privilege of seeing my perfection on cam abusing and exploiting all their perverted fantasies, their minds are blown and I can tell the moment they are completely hooked and mine. Daily tributes and gifts are mandatory. I also require a resume stating why I should allow them to continue serving Me. They are only there to entertain and satisfy my cash fetish, if they slip up they’re gone and they know that…I make it very clear, but they always come back…hahahaha always.

sbs: I wouldn’t imagine many would be able to leave once you’ve got them hooked. I’m still trying to recover from seeing you on cam before we began this interview. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy, Goddess.

GB: and extremely charming while I rape and abuse 😉

sbs: mmmm charming, rape and abuse don’t usually work together in a sentence, yet you manage to make it erotic when you say it 😉 Speaking of slaves earning your attention, for slaves reading this who are looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

GB: Always be polite. I will not tolerate rudeness or if you’re lucky enough for me to let you cum never ever hang up on me without properly saying your thanks and goodbye. You will be blocked into lonely loser land for sure. I love compliments. I’m a sucker, but without cash standing behind them they mean nothing. Appreciate and respect my time, it is precious. Don’t ever try to hustle or take advantage of me. I am smarter, stronger and better than you and will make your life hell. Spoil me and you will reap the rewards. It’s a very good life belonging to me, a very very good life. Act accordingly.

sbs: Any slave would be lucky to kneel before you, Goddess. It has been a my sincere pleasure to be in your presence today. I apologize if any of my questions seemed distracted, but my ability to focus was severely compromised the moment you came on screen 😉 Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers, and future slaves, reading this interview?

GB: Haha see why I forced you on cam before the interview…mindfuckery I love it 😉

sbs: I’m not sure how much force was needed to convince me to view a beautiful Goddess but… the effect was quite something!

GB: I would like everyone to know that I’m here to stay. I’ve been looking for awhile and have finally found the place for my dominant sexual outlet. I am a fair and just Goddess here to have fun first and foremost. If it’s not bringing me joy what the fuck is the point?! I look forward to the future, it’s going to be fucking amazing!!!! Also a huge thank you to @bratty_nikki she is amazing xoxo.

sbs: Amazing indeed, Goddess. We are in absolute agreement there! One final question, if I may?

GB: Yes you may!

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, with you sitting across from me in that sexy black outfit and impossibly high heels, rather than online, how would it end?

GB: Obviously with a plethora of gratitude, worship and cash for my time. I’m hungry so you would need to make me a salad with homemade vinaigrette and lots of veggies, and it better be delicious! Now clean up the mess, make me some sleepy tea and be my foot rest while I catch up on my DVR until I fall asleep.

sbs: And every bit of it would be a privilege for me. Thank you again Goddess Barbie. You are quite the woman, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this time with you.

GB: You are so welcome! I’ve been looking at my hot ass self on cam the entire time which is always a pleasure. Now off I go to film some clips and drain some losers #alwayshustling Good night my dear!

sbs: mmmm goodnight Goddess 🙂

She is absolutely overwhelming isn’t she?? What a woman Goddess Barbie is.  A woman deserving of your devotion, servitude, and most importantly, your spoiling! Enjoy checking out all her links below and spoil both her, and yourself, buy purchasing many of her clips, items from her wishlist and by sending tributes to her just because she’s perfect.


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