Feature Interview: Lady Asmondena

by Michael Smith
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Normally I’d write my own introduction for today’s feature interview, however, after doing some extensive “research” at Lady Asmondena’s website, I’ve realized that it would be more appropriate to let the gorgeous Goddess introduce herself to you and leave you drooling for her in ways I could never possibly do justice to.  Without further ado, kneel down and welcome yourself into the world of serving the beautiful Lady Asmondena.

I am Lady Asmondena,

beautiful and merciless! With one look from my lovely, dark, commanding eyes I will melt all your resistance away.

With my gorgeous body clothed in latex, leather or spandex, I will mesmerize you and bring you to your knees to serve me. I will make you my slave, my toy to be used, abused and played with as the whim strikes me. Challenge me and you will feel my power.

Honor my power and my beauty and you will know the joyous freedom of abandoning yourself to my control. I am a mistress of passion, highly skilled in all kind of S/M arts. I am ambitious, responsible and experienced, and I take pride in my work.

In my dungeon, which is equipped to accommodate many different fetishes, fantasies and dreams, you will see how quickly I can bring your secret desires to the surface, how quickly you will see another side of yourself, of your personality appear. Your wildest dreams will become reality and you will lose control of your body and your mind.

My idea of domination is a combination of sensitivity and strength. Through perfectly staged role-play, your inner nature — that submissive side of you — will strengthen and you will become true to yourself.

You will experience deep emotions and psychological sensations that will stagger you. You will suffer punishment and you will enjoy punishment from the hands of your Mistress, your Queen. With my power and beauty and My skillful insight, I will gaze directly into your mind and help you discover the real you, that part of you who longs to emerge but who until now has cowered in fear of discovery. Give in to your desires. Give yourself to me.

Lady Asmondena


slaveboysmith:  How long have you been doing this, and how did you become an online dominatrix?

Lady Asmondena:  I have always had a dominant personality and I always loved to wrap boys around my little finger. Some years ago I met my private slave. I was already actively dominant but without any studio: I’d live my dominance in private relationships and in parties. Unfortunately most of my friends could not deal with the fact of being dominated by a woman. My house slave and I decided to open a sophisticated studio, where I could unleash my dominant side.

sbs:  Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

LA:  I am DEFINITELY naturally dominant, I guess that’s pretty obvious. But I believe that roleplays can extend the variety of forms of domination and it is also my firm belief that a Dominatrix has to expand her skills and experiences. So of course I engage into most roleplays, but I always do it my own way and I am always in charge of the session. Last but not least, I enjoy my dominant role a lot and my clients sense it.

sbs:  Some women would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than saying ‘give me money or buy me stuff.”  What skills do you think a successful Fin Domme such as yourself needs to have?

LA:  Nowadays a lot of young girls believe that you just need to wear some leather, call yourself a “Domina”, have a twitter account and that’s it. It takes years of experience, on top of a natural dominance, to learn to push the slaves’ limits, to play “hard” BDSM without unnecessary risks. You need to learn to have discussions ahead of the session to distinguish the slave’s wish and what he actually can take. BDSM education is just everything. Empathy is a gift but it also requires experience. Sessions must keep healthy (although painful ;-)) and fulfill the hygienic standards.

sbs:  Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

LA:  First of all there’s a lot of men – more than one would believe – who crave to leave the control to a Dominant Woman. I think it’s part of the male nature to be subservient and docile to a Woman. In most relationships this “remains” at the level of making her happy, spoiling her, making gifts. In Femdom relationships the subjugation just becomes extreme, the inferior role of the man becomes deeper and it’s himself needing more and more humiliation, or pain. In my personal case, I think my feminine, gorgeous look “helps” men to fall onto their knees before Me. My dominance confirms this aura of submission that males feel in My presence.

sbs:  What are your favourite fetishes to explore with your slaves? Is it different for online sessions than for r/t live sessions?

LA:  I do not offer online session, I believe a lot more in real meetings and real sessions. As for fetishes: I have several, most prominently leather and rubber, but of course also high boots. Concerning scenarios, I enjoy a lot clinic experiments and restrictions (bondage, breath control). And of course I am called “Strap-on Goddess” for some reason 😉

sbs:  What is the worst part of being a Financial Domme?

LA:  As in any job you have some annoying parts. Many so-called slaves try and spam Dominatrices with fake requests, or they are just not serious. There are no shows, but I must say in my case this almost never happens, because I select my clients carefully in advance. But overall I love being a Mistress and being worshiped and obeyed.

sbs:  What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave?

LA:  Possibly the extensive whipping, caning and paddling I administered to my OWK slaves, see my movies “Lady Asmondena Beautiful and Merciless” or “Stormy day of working slaves”.

sbs:  Have you met many other Dommes? Do you ever do sessions with other Dommes involved?

LA:  Yes, I have. I like particularly double sessions and I have offered many in my own studio (see www.lady-asmondena.com). I also loved my OWK visits in the past, there I also teamed up with other Mistresses. I think it just extends the variety of roleplays, and it adds a lot to the slave’s humiliation.

sbs:  How do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?

LA:  Yes, I am an experienced Dominatrix and I can tell from the slave’s glance that he is now mine, no matter how he might fight this later.

sbs:  Have any of your clients tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you?

LA:   Of course many “slaves” are actually egotistic men with BDSM fantasies, and they expect a dominatrix to fulfill their wishes, fetishes and so on. Of course I like to discuss the fetishes in advance, to make it an unforgettable session, but it’s always me deciding what will happen. I do not tell in advance the details of the sessions, although I listen to the applicant slaves. And there are some fetishes I simply refuse. I am very honest about that from the very beginning, there is no point in offering a disappointing session.

sbs: Are most of the slaves you see “regulars” or do you see many new clients? Do you prefer one over the other? How do you feel about seeing 1st time slaves? 

LA: I prefer long-standing relationships and almost all my slaves keep coming to me. Some of them are my faithful ones since more than 10 years. But I am open to new clients and I always look forward to new submissives, their fetishes, their passions. 

sbs: Do any of your slaves serve you outside of sessions? ie. real-life slaves in everyday life? 

LA: In general I am not interested in 24/7, everyday slavery. However I have a few faithful slaves serving me for many years now, and I know I can trust them. They do not demand anything in change, they just work for Me for the sake of being useful to their superior Mistress. Those are the few exceptions, but I reject self-applications by new “slaves”. I need people I trust, and it’s me selecting them, not vice versa. 

sbs:  Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

LA:  I have humiliated my slaves in public sometimes, although I actually offer mainly sessions in my studio. I do not think anybody recognized me, but I cannot tell exactly, as I have more than 5k Facebook devotees and 4k on Twitter all around the globe. But it’s more likely that somebody might have recognized him 😉

sbs:  Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer?

LA:   I am not a FinDom at all – I am not saying that’s bad or wrong, I just don’t offer it. In my working ethics, I get money for what I offer. Of course people can make me happy with a gift and I appreciate that. Yes, I do have an Amazon wishlist but I do not advertise it particularly, that’s more for people who know me well.

sbs:  What role does social media sites such as Twitter or Skype play in your business?

LA:  They certainly increased my popularity and I love receiving the enthusiastic feedback for my photos. It is a nice confirmation that my work is being appreciated.

sbs:   Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions.  Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers, and potential future clients, reading this interview?

LA:  You are welcome! Yes, I’d like to invite all who worship Me to vote for Me as “Dominatrix of the year” at
http://www.european-fetish-awards.com/dominatrix-of-the-year-2015/  Keep voting!

She is overwhelmingly beautiful, wickedly cruel and 100% dominant.  Serve your new Goddess and give her your best efforts as her slave.  You don’t want to disappoint the stunning Lady Asmondena now, do you?





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