Feature Interview: Princess Kelly Sunshine

by Michael Smith
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Bratty and irresistible! Those are the two words that best describe my lasting impression after interviewing the gorgeous and teasing Princess Kelly Sunshine yesterday.  The entire interview was intoxicating, and to be in her presence is something you have to experience to understand.  This is a woman who knows exactly how beautiful and seductive she is, and the full effect it has on men.  She will seduce and control you without you even knowing it’s begun.  Before long, you will find yourself craving the feeling of satisfaction that only comes with obeying this sensual Goddess.  Enjoy a glimpse into the alluring world of a ravenous and addictive Findom you won’t soon forget!

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slaveboysmith: I have the distinct privilege of interviewing one of the brattiest, and sexiest Dommes you’ll ever serve, the gorgeous Princess Kelly Sunshine. Thank you for joining me today, Princess. As you wish, I am on my knees and have been excited about doing this feature since you granted me the privilege.

Princess Kelly: You are sooo welcome!

sbs: From following your Twitter feed, and from your clips you’ve released, it’s very obvious you LOVE being a bratty Princess. Have you always been dominant?

PK: Yes, always. It is just my natural way of being, sexually and otherwise.

sbs: Was there a moment when you first realized the control you have over men and how you could dominate them and make them do whatever you desire?

PK: I think growing up I began to understand how easy it was to manipulate men to do things for Me. I’ve always had a commanding attitude that makes people want to please Me. In high school, manipulating boys with My smile and My words, the way I talked to them or laughed at them. Having them drive Me around to parties and do favors for Me, all because they were really just lucky enough to be spending time with Me or getting My attention. I started realizing guys wanted to impress Me and I never had to put effort into getting things I wanted because some dork who was obsessed with Me would make sure I was happy.

sbs: You mention high school, and I don’t know if you are aware, but I’m actually a teacher. Safe to say your male teachers weren’t immune to your dominant, bratty ways either?

PK: I think I made them nervous, haha. I don’t think most older guys are used to a younger woman knowing what she wants and being so confident.

sbs: Trust me when I say, we have no idea how to handle that…but we’re damn sure excited and attracted to it! I can imagine you had them wrapped around your little finger and doing whatever you wanted.

PK: Always 😉

sbs: Finding it rather difficult to focus on my next question lol. From your clips and tweets, it’s clear that financial domination is a fav fetish of yours. I want to discuss some of your other fetishes in a moment, but before that, can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

PK: I think these guys realize it’s all they have to offer a Goddess like Me and it makes them feel special. Taking and spending their money is the closest they will come to being a part of My life. I like to remind them it is their place and they are so lucky to even have this opportunity. I mean it’s not like I’d give them the time of day if they approached Me on the street. They know I’m superior to them and it feels good to know they could potentially make someone like Me smile by spoiling Me. Of course the power exchange is a huge part of it. They enjoy the powerless feeling they get when they max out their credit cards or spend their entire paycheck then have to live super frugally until they get paid again. Giving up things in their life to contribute to Mine because I deserve it more. I think they know it pleases Me when they suffer 😉 It’s pretty hot to hand over that kind of control, especially to a woman who is so far out of your league and you know she is just using you.

sbs: It certainly seems like an addiction that feeds itself. Men wanting more and more to please you and give you more and unable to stop themselves. What other fetishes do you enjoy, Princess Kelly?

PK: I LOVE brainwashing and mind fuck. I like confusing these guys and planting ideas in their head. I like getting to know them and figuring out what things they SWORE they would never do – then manipulating them into doing those things. It makes them vulnerable. They wonder how I took them so deep into submission and they end up becoming more obsessed with Me. I like pushing them out of their comfort zones. Forced bi is one I’ve played with a lot and I always enjoy. When they get so weak they offer up their body to you to do what you please with. I also LOVE orgasm control, edging, ruined orgasms, blue balls – the more intense the better! Teasing is one of my favorite things to do and I’m soooo good at it. 😉

sbs: Something tells me you are an EXPERT tease, Princess. I can feel how easily you could get into a man’s head just in doing this interview!

PK: hehehe well duh!

sbs: I’ve asked this question of several other Dommes with varying experiences. Have you met many other financial dommes? Is there ever competition over who gets the most slaves, money or gifts?

PK: OMG, it’s NEVER a competition!!! I LOVE all the Dommes I have ever met and I want nothing more than for them all to be ridiculously crazy spoiled rotten 😉 They are some of the most amazing, fun, intelligent women I’ve ever met and are all an inspiration to Me. Everyone’s success contributes to one another. I truly think we are going to take over the world 😉

sbs: I don’t doubt that for a minute, and I kind of thought you already had! Any in particular you are close with that you wish to mention here Princess?

PK: There are too many amazing ones to name, haha. Just look at the photos on My blog from Vegas this January – it was insanely fun. I met and filmed with Princess Lacey and London Lix there and they are both soooo lovely. I also got to hang out with Morgan Chase and Jezebel Sinclair in Detroit over the summer. So much fun 😀

sbs: I recall seeing some of the adventures in Vegas and desperately wished I had been there to kneel and serve. Remarkable! Your dominance over men online is incredible Princess. Would you ever meet a slave in real life and show them what true submission to a perfect Princess is like in person?

PK: Maybe. I’d consider it if it benefits Me enough 😉

sbs: In other words, if a slave was to dedicate themselves to you online, without limits, they might earn the privilege of bowing down before you?

PK: It would depend on many different factors. Including him being a tolerable person to be in My presence, haha.

sbs: Of course. Such a privilege must be earned and is reserved for a select few. In your interactions with your slaves, how do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them? Is there a “tell” that lets you know you own them?

PK: When I’m in their head enough for them to start doing things without My prompting. When they buy My new clips daily, even if it’s not their particular fetish, sending daily tributes as a habit. When they start talking about those things they never thought they were into but suddenly they are curious about trying because it’s what I want. When their behavior is changed from before they met Me.

sbs: I can imagine that happens rather quickly based on how sexy you are and how easily you control men. While your interaction with slaves is online, you are prominent and well known, obviously. Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PK: If I have been recognized, no one has ever said anything. I can imagine My slaves would be too intimidated to approach Me! 😛 I have gotten the vibe quite a few times before that guys knew who I was but didn’t admit it. But then again maybe that’s just My natural dominant demeanor bringing out every guy’s submissive side, hahaha. It’s so funny, “normal” guys I meet in my every day life will say certain subtly submissive things to Me and I just laugh to Myself and wonder.

sbs: Wonder how easily you could bring them to their knees right there in public, perhaps?

PK: Yes, and I do plenty of subtly manipulative dominant things to them anyway hahaha

sbs: I’m sure you do. I wonder how they’d react if you actually snapped your fingers and told them to kiss your feet right there and then lol.

PK: Um, they would do it, haha. No doubt in My mind.

sbs: Even if they were with their wife or girlfriend and couldn’t keep their eyes from wandering to you, letting you know they couldn’t resist you?

PK: If it amused Me, and I wanted it, they would do it.

sbs: For some Dommes, the homewrecker fetish is something they absolutely love. Taking someone else’s husband or boyfriend and turning them into a drooling slave is a very powerful thing. Your thoughts?

PK: Absolutely love it! It’s so cute how these boys think they can suppress their submissive fantasies and date/marry some nice boring girl… But no one can just turn off their kinky side forever. They need Me. They need someone to remind them of their place, that they are meant to worship dominant women.

sbs: Despite the consequences, they simply can’t resist their overwhelming desires. For slaves reading this, overcome with the desire to impress and serve you, Princess, what is the best way for them to show their devotion and prove their worth to you?

PK: They need to understand that interacting with Me is a privilege. Emailing Me some long message all about him and his wants/needs, with NO tribute attached = rude. This is all fun for Me, but ultimately it is about ME, worshiping Me, making My life more fun and exciting. If he wants to impress Me he will pay attention to what is important to Me, My passions or things I’m working on. He will think about how he can fit into that and make his servitude something that benefits Me as well and puts Me first.

sbs: You should always be their 1st priority Princess. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. It was a pleasure to be in your presence. Before we end this interview, is there anything else you wish to say to my readers who are drooling at the thought of being your slave?

PK: Like I said, they just need to pay attention to what’s important to Me. Right now I’m focusing on My new member site (PrincessKellySunshine.com/vip) which is going to be crazy exciting because I get to have all My little addicts in one place. I’m reaaallly thrilled to see just what kind of adventures this is going to bring and how much we can learn about each other’s fetishes in this way.   I truly love being a Domme and the more men I have to control, the better.

sbs: That sounds amazing and I look forward to seeing it develop as well. Princess, before we conclude this feature, may I ask one more question please?

PK: You’ve been a good boy, so, yes you may 😉

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, rather than via Skype as we are, how would it end?

PK: It would end with you bowed down kissing My feet and then grabbing all the cash out of your wallet and begging Me to take it for the honor of speaking with Me 😉

sbs: Mmmm…Thank you Princess. You are quite a woman!

PK: You’re welcome slaveboy 😉

After that last response, it was rather difficult to concentrate long enough to complete the interview, and I was left with two choices; a cold shower or a visit to one of Princess Kelly’s incredible clipstores.  Let’s just say, I didn’t really want to shower 😉 She is as erotic as you might think and more.  Explore the links below, embrace your surrender to your beautiful Princess and be ready to serve her well.  She deserves to be spoiled and obeyed by every man who crawls to her feet.  Will you be next?

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Twitter: twitter.com/_KellySunshine

Clips4sale Store: clips4sale.com/47787

iWantClips Store: iwantclips.com/store/539

Kinkbomb Store: kellysunshine.kinkbomb.com

NiteFlirt Listings: tinyurl.com/kellyniteflirt

Wishlist: amzn.com/w/2Y4TRM7RQCDM1

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