Clip Review: I Give Your Life Meaning – Featuring Goddess Melissa

by Michael Smith
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From the moment you first laid eyes upon stunning beauty Goddess Melissa, you were caught in her web.  Your addiction has deepened every day that you live in awe of her power and beauty.  You serve her unconditionally and without hesitation.  You exist to please her and meet her needs.  This is what gives your life meaning, loser.  There is nothing you won’t do to please your perfect Goddess.  She is as beautiful as any woman you could ever dream of and the privilege of serving her is something you couldn’t take for granted. 
Fall to your knees and offer yourself forever to the beautiful Goddess Melissa.  Dressed in leather and stockings, she is a vision of perfection.  Your desire to serve and spoil this perfect Temptress is all consuming.  She owns you completely and you couldn’t be happier.  Before bowing down before your Goddess, your life had no meaning, no purpose.  Worship your Goddess and love your life serving her. 
It’s hard to overstate how beautiful and desirable Goddess Melissa is.  Looking at the screencaps for this review makes me want to watch the clip over and over again.  She is arousing as hell, but sometimes while watching her I simply stare in awe at how beautiful she is.  I’ve referred to her on Twitter as the Supermodel of Dommes and you can see clearly why.  What an absolute Goddess.  Enjoy this clip, and any others she makes!

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Clip Name: I Give Your Life Meaning
Models In The Clip: Goddess Melissa
Date Reviewed: September 19th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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