Daily Fix: March 16th 2024 – Featured Oral Servitude Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Jasmine Mendez

Goddess Jasmine Mendez demands to be worshiped daily. She needs a slave that can really worship Her designer pussy for hours. You spend all your time worshiping Her ass, tits, and feet trying to prove yourself worthy enough to worship Her Tight little Pussy. Goddess Jasmine Mendez guess it’s time to give you a chance to truly worship Her Finally. Truly please Her, you’re going to work that tongue over Her clit, while Her wet pussy drips all over your face with Her divine juices.

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Goddess Astro Domina

Goddess Astro Domina is used to having slaves take care of things. Groceries, restaurant bills, presents, you name it. And sometimes She needs someone to take of Her sexually. That’s where Her oral slave comes in. She gets to sit down on a comfy chair, hovering above Her sub’s face. His only mission is to pleasure Goddess Astro Domina’s pussy. She tells him when to slow down and when to speed up. Sitting on top of his face while he’s licking Her pussy gets Her close to orgasm, but She wants to make it last so She turns around so he can focus on Her ass for a bit. Satisfied with his services, She turns around one more time and allows him to make Her cum. So nice to have an oral slave in the house…

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Lady Ruby Onyx

Oh my slave does make me laugh! Tentatively approaching me as I pleasure myself with the suggestion that his dick will be able to match up to my plethora of sex toys. As I laugh off his comments I make use of his ability to pleasure me with his tongue instead! It’s that perfect mix of having a latex encased slave there to carry out all those mundane chores, whilst being at my beck and call to plough his tongue deep into my pussy as and when I need an oral fix!

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell

Lessons are so very important and any sissy in My service must learn how to suck and take cock properly. I train them to meet My exacting standards and that so I can rent them out confidently knowing they would keep the Maxwell name held in the highest regard. Poppette is dressed fittingly as a maids today and is on her knees for some cock sucking training. I always play safe so she is made to put on a condom using only her mouth. This takes skill as you really have to open wide to roll it down My shaft without gagging to much and losing momentum. Step by step I show her how I like to be sucked. I’m wearing a tight black body and fishnets that match My shiny black peep toe Louboutin’s. she masters the basics before we move onto deep throat, being able to swallow a whole cock without it repeating on you is no mean feat but practice makes perfect. I deep throat her dirty little mouth before climbing over her and fucking her face raw………….

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Goddess Taura

Women see your cock and reject you immediately. There’s a good reason you don’t have a sex life and an even better reason to keep it that way. You’re not nearly as experienced as you need to be for the women your age and none of us want to give you the time of day to learn. Serving me is your best option for a sex life, so just embrace it. This is my holiday gift to you, a new sex life, a new start. Spend 2021 serving me and work your way up to being my oral slave.

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