Princess Piper – Collector of slave boys

by Michael Smith
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Irresistibly bratty and hot as hell, gorgeous blonde blue-eyed Temptress, Princess Piper, knows how to bring men to their knees, wallets in hand. This week’s IWC Feature Domme is that strikingly beautiful young woman that men of any age simply drool over and can’t help but want to serve, spoil and surrender to!

Princess Piper pink bra mesh black top

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Sweaty Ass Sniffing Humiliation

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Things to know about Princess Piper:

  • Your first exposure to her cute, sensual young voice will leave you weak and eager for more. Hearing her giggle at your inability to form words in her presence, or to resist her anything she desires, is more than any man could possibly resist. Hear her coax more from you, more surrender, more tribute, more weakness, and into that blue-eyed abyss you fall!
  • Now imagine hearing that seductive and cute voice as you gaze straight into the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen, and imagine how submissive you can feel before Princess Piper. When she locks her eyes upon you, it’s like a predator eyeing her prey. Except her prey is you, and you are more than willing to do whatever she demands.
  • She is a collector of slaves, bratty and spoiled, and obviously the girl you could never say no to. Seeing men twice her age and supposedly accomplished in the world crumble before her is something Princess has become accustomed to. No one is immune. No one says no to this perfect, pretty, bratty Princess!

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Throne Wishlist

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Princess Piper glasses and blue eyes
Princess Piper pink heart lingerie and blue eyes
Princess Piper white top and blue eyes

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