Daily Fix: February 19th 2024 – Featured Sandals Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Stella Liberty

Mistress Stella Liberty have missed watching you adore Her feet and having your eyes on Her, it has been WAY too long! Her cute little sandals are the perfect for dangling against Her perfect arches and She is so excited to tease you and make you cum for Her. Mistress Stella Liberty love to watch you grip your dick in your hands and pump all the cream out for Her. What better thing could there be to stare at whilst you whack off than Her pretty feet and long legs. It gets Her so excited watching how turned on you are by Her, and that you love looking at Her sandals as She tease you with them. Cum for Her pretty sandal feet and look no further to satisfy your needs.

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Goddess Seira

You have been granted the privilege of cleaning My dirty sandals, slave. your eyes will focus on the bottom of My sandals, identifying every speck of dirt and grime. you will use your tongue to clean them meticulously, ensuring that they become like a new pair of sandals. Remember, your only purpose is to serve and please Me, and cleaning My footwear is just one small aspect of your duties. Now, get to work and prove your worth as My obedient and devoted slave.

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Mistress Youko

Sexy Japanese Mistress Youko returns home from a party, her slave has to clean the soles of her black platform sandals using his pathetic little tongue. She went to a dirty toilet in a club and must have stepped a lot of filth, but still the slave must lick every centimeter, and make the soles spotless.

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Mistress Gaia

Today is a lucky day for my slave. First I make him lick the dirty soles of my sandals and then I let him take care of my feet too. They are very dirty and he will have to lick them well, and I will help him with my spit to make him clean them as best as possible!

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Goddess Anastasia Lust

The Shoes Show itself wasn’t enough, of course. You’ve been so weakened by the view of My Divine feet in different pairs of shoes that you begged Me to allow you to worship My feet. I picked My Sandals. They are perfect for teasing you with open toes while you’ll be polishing the black leather parts with your tongue. Will I allow you to stroke and cum?

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