Mistress Karina – Mean Ego Slayer

by Michael Smith
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Mean, hot & greedy. No three words better describe this week’s iWantClips Feature Domme, the incredibly sexy Mistress Karina Kalashnikova. She shreds male egos as easily as she gapes asses. If you’re looking for a gorgeous bully to reduce you to nothing in her presence, look no further than this strikingly beautiful & relentlessly bratty Temptress!

Mistress Karina pink and black latex

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Must Buy Clips From Mistress Karina:

Fucked By Mistress

My Little Bitch JOI

Stupid, Ugly Loser

Things to know about Mistress Karina:

  • Mistress Karina is the ultimate bratty and mean girl who loves to torment and humiliate men. She is gorgeous and we all want to serve and please her, all of which allows her to do whatever she desires to us and we crave more!
  • Not only is she gorgeous on her own, but Mistress keeps company with stunning hot friends who she hangs with and sessions/films with. Women like Evil Woman, Mistress Mika Katana and more are regularly seen in company with the amazing Mistress. Can you imagine encountering this hot girl gang knowing that they will ruthlessly enslave and humiliate you?
  • Her love of pegging is on full display in her clipstores and she takes absolute delight in turning the tables as she fucks men in the ass with vigor and without mercy. There is nothing gentle about how she pounds your man-pussy, but you wouldn’t bend over before her if you didn’t want it hard, right?

Links to Mistress Karina’s Femdom World:


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Mistress Karina black hat and gloves
Mistress Karina black thigh boots
Mistress Karina shiny black latex

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