Daily Fix: January 18th 2024 – Featured JOI Games Clips

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Welcome to the world of wonderful JOI Games Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires, offering a journey into the seductive world of JOI Games fantasies. Explore the enticing realm of JOI Games Fetish Clips now.

Goddess Eva De Vil

You look like you’re about to burst. It’s been so long since Goddess Eva De Vil let you cum. But She is not taking any mercy on you! She is gonna make you worship every part of Her body and coincide your edging with Her moans to make you even more WEAK and DESPERATE. This is the natural state for the edge sluts of Goddess Eva De Vil so you have to learn to love it!

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Goddess Harley LaVey

Nothing in this life is free, and certainly not when you’re dealing with a Goddess like me. And if I am going to be so generous as to permit that cock to cum to my seductive voice and impeccable body, then it had better be worth it to me. I’m talking sweating, arm aching, obediently following all of my commands. If you want to cum for me, and I know you do… you’re going to have to earn permission from me. And it won’t be easy!

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Goddess Gracie Haze

Usually a countdown means cumming, right? Not today! You will only stroke your cock when I count… for how long? Well that’s up to Me! Of course Goddess takes FULL control of your cock. You will ONLY stroke as I count you down but you need to stay right on the edge! Training you to know that just because I count you down does not mean you get to cum! You will be grateful for every single countdown leading you to wanting MORE! This is never ending countdowns of tease and denial… what could be hotter? Only Me in this skin tight purple dress!

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Goddess Daphne

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of watching my whisper games while she is so close by. You’re craving the rush, aren’t you? You’re desperate to feel my powerful grip wrap around your mind and totally own you. I’ll take control of you, I’ll tell you exactly how to stroke that cock, but you have to do it when she’s close by! She has to be within earshot. She has to be able to catch you. I want you to risk everything for me! It’s worth it, right? Mmm, start pumping to me… shhh…

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Goddess Blonde Kitty

Welcome back to another fun little game of mine, subby! I absolutely love to toy with you, making you ache for me, beg for me, crave me, and having that cock desperate to cum for me. But you don’t get to have pleasure without sacrifice. So when you watch this clip, I want your hand on your cock, stroking away for Me as I tease you, bring you closer, closer, closer to cumming. And you have to try NOT to cum. You see, if you lose My little game, I’m going to make you pay for it. If you give in to the craving to orgasm, you’re going to pay a penalty, and not just on your first play of this game, but each and every time. There is no edging allowed, no breaks, no slowing down once you start stroking. Do you think you’re up to the challenge?

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