Daily Fix: January 17th 2024 – Featured Small Penis Encouragement Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Welcome to the world of wonderful Small Penis Encouragement Fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires, offering a journey into the seductive world of Small Penis Encouragement fantasies. Explore the enticing realm of Small Penis Encouragement Fetish Clips now.

Goddess Crystal Knight

Goddess Crystal Knight love reminding you how insufficient your cock size is. Your dick is so fucking tiny that all it deserves is being laughed at. She make you pull it out of your pants and am immediately horrified. You call that a cock??? Impossible. That’s the tiniest dick She has ever seen. That’s why you’re here. You know you don’t deserve normal vanilla porn when you jerk off. You deserve brutal humiliation from a hot Goddess out of your league just to really make it sting. You’re adducted to hearing Goddess Crystal Knight make fun of your dick. That’s a good thing because its all your sex life will ever amount to. How pathetic.

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Goddess Harley LaVey

The typical JOI is something that just doesn’t apply to you. After all, you can’t use your whole palm, let alone your fingers, and stroking up and down… well that can’t happen either. Micro dicks need a certain type of JOI, something that is really tailored to their size and shape. Something like this!

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Goddess Penelope

Have you ever measured your cock before? No? Like most men, I bet you’re over estimating the size of it, adding a few imaginary inches. Well I have My tape measure handy, and today we’re going to get the exact measurements of your dick, because tbh it looks really tiny. So come on then, get it out I want to have a closer look at it – HA! It’s tiny. I taunt you and tease you with My tape measure, showing you different sizes and showing you what the national average, showing you the size of s big 10inch porno dick, and comparing your dicklet to My little finger before I give you. Awwwww has that crushed your ego – you thought your peepee was bigger didn’t you? Awww it’s just a tiny little willy. Awwww you’re so delusional thinking it was any bigger…

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Goddess Heather Highborne

Sure you have a sexless life…. A small dick…. And like no alpha bones in your body but I still think you could be even more pathetic.  And the only way to do that is by doing super humiliating tasks.  The only catch is You’re gonna have to do whatever the fuck I say… got it?  Are ya close to cuming? Good now I want you to…

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Goddess Taura

How long have you been a slave? That may seem like a simple question for a simple man. You are no simple man. Life is not so simple that you can just serve the measuring tape and rely on that to prove your worth as a man. That is what you do though. Is that why it feels too familiar? You have been a slave your whole life if you think about it. It would not be so hard to submit. It would not be so demanding of you either. Imagine this, you never have to measure your penis again. Beautiful, isn’t it? This should come naturally to you.

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