Daily Fix: April 23rd 2024 – Featured Ballet Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Eva De Vil

You caught Goddess Eva De Vil as She was about to head to Her ballet class. She is just putting on a new pair of slippers but She complain that they’re a bit big for Her. She take them off and give them a sniff; She have only worn them a couple of times but you can already smell Her feet in them. Goddess Eva De Vil kind of like it though. Maybe that makes Her a pervert! She get you to smell them too. Maybe they’d fit you. It would be cool if you tried them on. She show you how to tie them up although She accidentally do the knot too tightly and need your help to get them /off. She encourage you to try the shoes on. She lounge in Her white ballet tights and comment on your boner. It’s okay, She is not judging you. Like She said, She think it’s pretty cool that you’re into it. If you promise to be a good boy and not a creep, She can probably get you to sit in on Her class so you can watch the pretty ballerinas.

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Princess Aurora

I see you gross loser perving on me in my dance gear, you drool over my shiny ballet tights and tight shiny leotard. You are gross and must pay!!! Time to humiliate you in front of my entire dance class, put on those tights you dumb bitch and start to perform for me. You deserve to be embarrassed and shamed for being such a gross bitch!!

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Goddess Kyaa

Dressed up like the tall, slender and sexy ballerina princess of your wet loser dreams I will tease and humiliate you, making you to confess your addiction to every inch of my ballerina body and outfit, from the soles of my pink ballet slippers and sexy high arches to the way that black leotard fits so tightly on my ass and pussy. Click and pay now, worship my flexible, sexual, ballerina body.

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Miss Ellie M

Ballet boots are an absolutely stunning kind of shoe. At the same time, discomfort and beauty – every step is a unique feeling. I can dance in these shoes and you won’t see this anywhere else.

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Miss Mae Ling

Your ballet partner noticed your bulge get harder every time you practice. You don’t even like ballet, you’re really jus there to be a foot pervert. Can’t resist looking at those beautiful pointed feet. She seduces you with her pantyhose feet and makes you rub them after every practice or she’ll tell the whole school what a pervert you are.

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