Daily Fix: March 10th 2024 – Featured Domination Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Mika

Are you craving the perfect body of Mistress Mika wrapped in Nylon? Join Her on a sensual nylon body stocking worship. You know you and your urges can’t resist a powerful, beautiful tattooed Goddess wrapped in Nylon. Give in to your desire and become completely mesmerised by the silky sounds and beautiful powers… Mistress Mika is waiting for you.

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Goddess Seira

I had My nails done at the salon and specifically asked for them to be extra sharp. Little did the beautician know why I wanted them that way. Now, My slave is ready to experience the pleasure of being scratched by Me. It brings Me great joy to see the deep red marks on My property, as it serves as a constant reminder of his place. Despite his moans of pain, I relish in scratching him harder and harder until his body bears the lasting marks of My power.

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell

Brought to Me for his weekly beating, I am in a terrifying mood. My slave can feel My sadistic fury brewing and can’t look Me in the eye. I drag him up by his air and coat his pathetic face in My spit. I kick him to the ground, winded he is momentarily dazed so I beat him with My boots all over his body. I tell him to kneel, still in shock he falters so i skull drag him to his knees. If his hands touch the floor or he falls over I will start from the beginning…….. I kick him…….. and make him count. 

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Miss Amy

He is so obsessed with Miss Amy, but he means nothing to Her. See Miss Amy verbally abuse him and dig me heels into his body.

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Princess Ava Rowen

I’m your girlfriend who went through your computer and found everything you’ve been hiding from you. Not only are you addicted to porn, but you also jerk off frequently to women degrading you? I knew you were a loser, but not this big of one! I can’t believe I ever dated you, you’re such a freak. No wonder you submit to me so quickly.

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