Daily Fix: March 11th 2024 – Featured Arrogant Woman Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Valentina Fox

How many times have you heard Goddess Valentina Fox say this? It’s become a trigger for you. You love watching Her clips, Her lives, Her drains, Her tweets…You’re so addicted to Her success, to Her power. You love seeing Goddess Valentina Fox climb higher and higher, make more and more, live better and better knowing that you have some small part in that. Her entire life is slave funded, because men around the world can’t tell Her no. She get you so weak and vulnerable, you’re just a toy at Her disposal, and She will continue to use you. She will always win.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

You are so useless and pathetic that you don’t have a purpose in life a part from opening your wallet and pay a tax to me, THE SUPERIOR GODDESS. You are nothing but an insect, and you don’t deserve anything but spending money over a woman like me.

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Mistress Elis Euryale

Humanity took a different path. Slavery still exists. Some have everything, others have nothing. Elis Euryale is a rich, arrogant and spoiled woman from high society. Several slaves are brought to her, lined up in a row. They will have to fight for the entertainment of the richest. She walks past them and notice the fear and despair on your face and decide to pick you, because she just doesn’t like you. She is sadistic and she loves to humiliate and mindfuck her slaves before they give their life for her…

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Miss Tiffany James

What a loser you are! Why should I spend MY precious time making a clip for someone like you, you are not worth it! So I’m just going to sit here and show you my little toe, you are worth no more than that! So that’s what you are going to do, just jerk to my little toe,lol. Only one, you can’t have the whole foot, as that what be far too much for you!

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Goddess Taura

If everyone has an identifier, what would you guess mine is? Judging from your obvious staring, yours is “pervert”. Did you forget everyone can see you staring up My skirt? It is almost like you jerk off to Me, like full-on gooning, probably several times a day. This is disrespectful of you to objectify Me so blatantly. Meet Me in the auditorium after class.

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