Wednesday July 1st 2015

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Goddess Jessica


Goddess Jessica is a brilliant, beautiful well known Domme, This is why She makes bank every month! $16k of losers cash piled into Her account this month on iWantClips. 




Her slaves keep Her well stocked with tons of gifts on a daily basis.


Don’t you want to see what all the fuss is about? Go buy one of Her clips, get addicted, and buy the rest.


Mina Thorne


Don’t worry, Mina Thorne is here to take care of that last pesky feeling you have in Her new clip on Clips4Sale Last Shred of Dignity. you will no longer be burdened withy our annoying self worth when She is done with you. She treats Her slaves so well.



Kelly Sunshine


I Can’t Respect a Short Guy is Kelly Sunshines new clip on iWantClips. This leggy brat likes to wear Her sexy slave bought heels and She will be towering over you, that’s not hot to Her. Sorry shorties, as if you ever had a chance.


Somebody needs to send Her out of the country this weekend because She hates fireworks. Send Her an enormous tribute so She can jet set away.


Princess Rene


Naughty Hubby is Princess Rene’s new clip on Kinkbomb. I highly doubt that if any man was lucky enough to be married to Princess Rene he would never keep Her waiting! In this fantasy clip ‘he’ does and he pays for it big time with Her teasing him relentlessly.


Her fans are addicted to Her beauty and are constantly tweeting Her pics. Lucky for everyone!


Datura DiVine


Why should She give you any attention? Have you earned it? Have you made Her happy? Have you checked in to see if She is happy with you? If you haven’t then you don’t deserve Her attention and you can buy Her new clip Hot Tub Ignore on Clips4Sale.


Here’s a couple more reason to make sure She is happy at all times!


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