Monday September 28th 2015

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Goddess Amanda


Goddess Amanda wants to test you. She wants to see how long you can take it. In Her new clip Pushing the Limit on iWantClips She encourages you to lock yourself up for 2, 3, 4 or more weeks. How long can you handle it? Chances are you won’t even make it through the clip and will be squirting out the pee hole halfway through.


Mindy Madison


Even though your brain is the most useless worthless thing on the planet, Princess Mindy has no plans to give it back, EVER! Why would She give you the chance to think for yourself? Why run the risk of you having your own thoughts? Its would be a waste of the universe’s energy for you to think so Mindy’s going to hold on tight it in Her new clip on iWantClips I’m Keeping your Tiny Brain


Christy Berry


Christy Berry knows you crave, need, desire something to worship. So what a better entity to worship than the divine Christy Berry? Choose the Right is Her new clip on Clips4Sale and She is here to keep on the righteous path of worshipping Her. you now have purpose to your dull life.


Princess Jeslyn

pink legwarmers

Princess Jeslyn is here to exploit your fetish for super soft leg warmers. Her long Goddess legs wrapped up all tight and cozy in Her pink leg warmers make you crazy and She loves to take advatange of things like that!

She teases you to the brink as She makes greedy demands and forces you into submission in Her new clip Pink Leg Warmer Tease on Clips4Sale


Trixie Miss


Wouldn’t you just love to be Permanently Mindfucked by Trixie Miss? Of course you would, your mind needs the control, the process, the boundaries. Trixie Miss is here to give you all that and more in Her new clip on iWantClips.


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