Friday September 18th 2015

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Bratty Bunny


Bratty Bunny is here to walk you through some fun cum eating today! you know you’ve been teetering on the idea, so who better than Bunny to show you the way. She guides you all the way through this task in Her new clip you Can Do It! CEI on Kinkbomb.


London Lix


London Lix knows you watch porn from free porn sites. All that inadequate porn making you feel unfulfilled. Well here is some good quality verbal humiliation for you to purchase and you have Her permission to share this with your fellow losers out there and upload to as many free porn sites as you can. Do it. Pirate This Her new clip on Clips4Sale


Astro Domina

Incapacitated Fuck GIF

So, you wanna know what Goddess Sydney is like on rare occasions? you want to know what Her soft pussy feels like? Well you get that and more in Her new clip on Clips4Sale Incapacitated Fuck. She lets you get your rocks off but under Her thumb and only by Her rules. See what She has in store for you today!


Macey Jade


Macey Jade’s ass is the reason you wake everyday. It’s the reason you take each breath. The power of Her ass exceeds everything in your life. Watch Her flex, flaunt and tease you with Her glutes in My POWERFUL Ass on iWantClips.


Princess Mackayla


It’s Friday and you get paid! Another pay check to blow on Princess Mackayla’s clips, presents and tributes! Get Her new clip Payday Binge Bitch and watch Her laugh at your weakness for Her. Watch Her laugh as She greedily takes every dollar from you not giving a shot if you have any left.


Mz Devious


Mz Devious has you all figured out. you would rather sit at home humping yourself in your dirty messy diaper. What a freak! She takes full advantage of Her wit and power over you in Her new clip Adult Diaper Humiliation. But you won’t be doing this task at home. She pushes you out the door and the comforts of your home for some fun public humiliation


Goddess Amiee


Of course you have some weirdo fetish like a foot pumping sewing pedal! you are just weirdo wanking foot freak. Goddess Amiee tantalizes your mind in Her newest clip on Clips4Sale Barefoot Sewing. you will pump your little cock away as She pumps the pedal of Her sewing machine. All that power being controlled by the weight of Her foot drives you wild.


Lara Kane


Mistress Lara Kane has found a good use for Her tiny little slave. you get to clean Her giant feet! you will do a good job getting in every nook and cranny with that tiny tongue of yours in Little Man Put To Work Her new clip on iWantClips.


Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan updated Her Kinkbomb store today with Schoolgirl Jerk Off Punishment. She lets you jerk off and unloads your balls for you, but it all comes with a price. you will do anything and everything She tells you in this clip. you want to please your Princess don’t you??


Princess Jeslyn


Princess Jeslyn has a task for Her little stinky sock puppets out there. In Dirty Sock slut, Her new clip on iWantClips, She has on some dirty white socks and She expects you to love them. Who are you kidding (nobody) you can’t wait to get on your knees and take in deep breath after deep breath savoring the scent of Her pampered feet.

you are just a sock puppet after all.


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